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    I have BTE hearing aid's and use the Beetle H-2 single hook BT kit. I just thought i'd let other HA users know that it works perfect with the Pre. You can adjust volume from the H-2 and end a call. The sound is clear and loud, but the H-2 does require a Telecoil in your Hearing instrument.

    Hope this helps.
    you can find the Beetle H-2 at many online hearing shops. There is also a dual hook version but i'm not sure if it will transmit music via the device. The Single Hook H-2 does not.

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    I have BTE hearing aids which have bluetooth interface with a Streamer. It works great the Pre; it uses the microphone in the streamer and goes directly to the hearing aids. The only problem is sometimes the bluetooth kicks in when it shouldn't. It's real bad when using the navigation functions, it's always kicking in. It works great for videos and utube.

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