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    I've been having problems with different chargers (Motorola car and rapid charger) sometimes when I plug the charger in the phone charges! and other times the phone doesn't respond at all.

    Looking into some of the threads in this forum I saw a post from trim81.

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    Based upon my observation, and my own charger(s), for the Sprint charger to kick in, turn OFF the screen first (simply tapping the upper right power button), plug in the SPrint Micro USB charger, then give it 3-4 seconds, then it will charge.
    I tried this for my Motorola micro USB charger (PN: SPN5328A) and it works with trim81's instructions.

    Here's the good news:

    Since changing the software (pressing the screen lock button) allows the charger to go from a very low success rate to a 100% success rate this problem seems to be a software bug.

    This is good news because they can just release an update (hopefully) that will deal with the problem.
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    Thanks! I was wondering if my cheap Motorola charger was defective or not. It works like a champ if I follow those steps.
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    Glad it works.

    Its the nature of the Pres...not sure if its software or hardwae but it is what it is
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    I just open the slider and plug it in, that works for me.
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