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    My car one started doing it constantly now. It was a bit flaky before, super sensitive to placement, so I thought I wasn't aligning it right. Now it just dings all the time so I stopped using it. Will have to try a spare one. Then again, maybe it's the car power source being flaky?
    Many car chargers are nothing more than a voltage divider that steps the 12v down to within the range that the phone can use. As a result, the fluctuation in the car's system between 10v (during engine cranking) to 15v at high idle with accessories off, can cause enough fluctuation to play hell with the xformer in the TS (I assume it has one).

    It would be beneficial to source a cleaner input for your TS within the car. A cig lighter is usually fused at 10A, is run off the accessory feed in many cars and will see significant voltage fluctuations in operation.
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    Same problem here.. I started to get annoyed.. any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks in advance
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    I find that cleaning the contacts between the Pre and the battery cover works for a few weeks.
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    I have the same problem: 2 Touchstones worked great the first days, and after that the icon "red blizzard in battery" is shown but the battery does not charge. I gets lower and lower during the time the Pre lays on the stone. Increddible.
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    So, I'm a little late, don't know if anyone will even see this, but I thought I'd put it here anyway just in case it helps anyone.

    I just got a touchstone and was super excited, it was working great, charged my phone all the way up to 100%, even held for a while, and then it began. The repeated charging alert, constantly connecting and disconnecting even though the phone wasn't moving.

    So I got a hold of my friends much newer Pre Plus and tried some combinations of things. Of course after exchanging the toushtone, since all other forums I read said that was the first thing to do. Anyway I put his phone on my new touchstone and it worked fine, no repeated alert, nothing, just worked how it should. So I tried my phone w/ his battery cover to see if it was that, even though my battery cover was brand new since I have an original Pre and had to get one :/. Still had the same problem, repeated alert.

    So... I put the battery from his phone in my phone and it worked perfectly with both batter covers. The thing that solidified my idea of the batter was that my battery didn't work in his phone with either battery cover. So bam. Sucks, because I'm not about to go and buy another battery.

    But, putting something between the touchstone and my phone does solve the problem. Perhaps there is too much magnetism and reducing it is what solves it? A doubled over piece of paper, or the Seidio Innocase solve the problem for me it charges well through them. However my Innocase is broken, so my current solution is that I put a few pieces of Scotch tape on the touchstone until it worked correctly. Ugly, but it works for now until my free replacement Innocase comes in the mail .

    Hope this helps someone!
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