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    Allows for the headphones to be plugged in?? I have the first party leather holster right now but with the headphones plugged in the Phone cant sit completely in the holster. Its not THAT big an issue because I generally have my shirt over it anway but it would be nice.
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    Seidio is currently developing one. They sell a belt holster for the pre now but it covers the headphone port. But if you turn the phone upside down it works just fine. It is $24.95. The new holster coming soon has access to the headphone port. Shouldnt be too long.

    Website is check them out. Hope it helps.

    Search this forum for pics, I know someone hear posted pics of the holster. Just cant remember where it was sorry.
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    cool man thanks alot
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    Could you just drill a hole in it?
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    RocketFish's plastic holster works great for this.

    w w w

    It doesn't obscure the gesture area either. There are only two things I dont like about it: It's a little more difficult to hit the "wakeup" button (cause of the plastic surrounding the phone), and the top row of keys on the keyboard have less clearance (about 1/16" inch less -- again due to the thickness of the plastic shell). These aren't showstoppers at all, just little inconveniences.


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