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    This device works really well. I have one connected to my Pioneer surround sound system.
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    Just called my Sprint store and checked to see if they had any in stock. The guy goes "Yeah we have a ton... haven't sold those things in a long time"

    He set one aside for me, I will let you all know how it works tonight!!

    BTW I have an Alpine CDA-9886 Deck with the Alpine i-pod cable directly into the deck.

    They should have bundled these with the Palm Pre and then advertised the iTunes sync... That would REALLY give Apple a run for their money haha!
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    I'm having trouble getting my Eclipse CD-5030 which support HFP (Phone) and A2DP(Bluetooth Audio) to do the Bluetooth Audio portion. It says it is connected but when I try to play music from the Pre to the Stereo, the stereo will then say DISCONNECTED. So I've kind of given up on it. The phone HFP by the way works great.

    So, upon reading this thred I thought great. I'll get one of these and connect it to the USB cord that is on the stereo and then select IPOD as the input source and presto...

    <SIGH> Rats, when the FIPO is plugged in to the Eclipse stereo it refuses to acknowledge that there is an IPOD connect to the USB cord. If I plug my actually IPOD in it works just fine. The stereo has some kind of smarts where it looks for either a valid IPOD or a USB drive and then will display either IPOD or USB as a valid input source, if neither is installed then it does not show it as a valid source to which you can select.

    So, it is going back to sprint tomorrow. Dang, I had really high hopes.
    I figured the challenge was going to be getting the pre to figure out that HFP goes bluetooth direct to the stereo and A2DP goes to the FIPO which just so happens to be connected to the stereo.

    It paird up with the FIPO just fine by the way, just would show up as a valid source.
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    This has to be the most amazing thing that I have added/done to my Pre since I've gotten it so far!!

    I picked up the Sprint bluetooth device from my local Sprint store this afternoon and within 5 minutes I was streaming music through my Alpine head unit. I mounted the Bluetooth device in my center console drawer and stuck it to the side with some double sided sticky tape, this way I can remove the wire and still use my iPod if need be.

    1. The sound quality is about 85/100. Its definitly bearable and the bass is very clear. The highs seem kind of washed out but with some adjustments to the EQ on my deck and it sounds just as good if better than satellite radio, but not quite CD quality

    2. My phone does not skip nor is any static heard. The audio is always clear and their is never any hiccups.

    3. If a call comes in the pre uses the speakerphone (if on the touchstone) like normal. Immediately after you end the call it starts playing music/pandora again.

    4. The pause and forward and reverse buttons work in the music app AND pandora (minus the reverse in pandora) this ROCKS!

    4. Pandora ROCKS on the Pre, you can skip songs by pressing the next button on your radio and it works the same as the music app.

    5. GPS is routed through your car stereo. If your running pandora or the music app at the same time when the lady speaks it lowers the volume of the music so you can hear the directions.

    6. The device remembers that it is synced with your phone, it automatically connects to the device if present and starts streaming music.

    This has to be the best $10 dollars i've ever spent on ANY electronic device EVER. Together with the touchstone car mod this makes the phone one amazing device. I owe this all to Vorian... Id buy you a case of beer if you were close and deliver it to your house!!!



    I remember on the windows mobile forum a long time ago when people were trying to get stereo blue tooth headphones working with the HTC 6700 someone was able to hack the blue tooth profile on the phone to use A2DP for phone calls. I'm not sure if this can be hacked the same way but it would be awesome to be able to use my car speakers for calls instead of the built in speakerphone or earpiece. It would be a big plus if the device had a headset profile on it as well.

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    Here is a bluetooth reciever that will connect to any standard 3.5mm AUX input. I use it to stream pandora to my stereo at work. With a 3.5 male to male cable you can connect it to your car stereos AUX. The sound is great and it is even rechargable. You can also pause and skip tracks as well. I picked it up at my local Fry's electronics for only $29.99*|*MACSENSE
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    I have used it through my Sony unit in my Jeep as well as with my home theater system with ipod Dock and my small sound system dock and they work fine with my BB Tour and Curve. I won't get my Pre until Friday to check it out but it has worked fine with everything else. The nice part is with the accessory discount that is available it is only $7.50.
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    I just ordered 2. Should be great!
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    Anyone know of any NYC sprint stores with the Sprint Anycom Bluetooth device in stock?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorian View Post
    Hey all,

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed or not but I just came across this great gem for anyone that wants to stream their tunes from their phone via A2DP to any car radio that only has an iPod connector and no A2DP ability:



    The links appears to be down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donger8 View Post
    The links appears to be down.
    Wow, I couldnt find it anywhere on the sprint site anymore.

    Here is the google cached page:

    Sprint - All Accessories

    Maybe you can order over phone?

    Anycom Bluetooth Music Station Converter - Item # ESX2692

    Check out your local Sprint store. One store I went to had to send these back because they weren't selling. Your local store should have them in stock.
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    glad i bought one of these when i did. if they are not selling it's because folks don't know about it. i just happened to be searching this forum and found out that it was exactly what i needed.
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    I picked one up last week and it works great for my Pre and my son's and wife's iPod Touches. Unfortunately, it doesn't change tracks when connected to the Harman/Kardon Drive+Play in my car. But the audio comes through just fine -- that's the important part.

    Gotta pick up another one tomorrow...
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    I just set this up great. And to a previous post, I use a DICE hookup to my head unit and it's working fine with it.
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    This works great if you want voice and music thru your car stereo. I've had a similiar set for the last year and a half and love it. Now, if Palm would just give us more control of the bluetooth settings on the Pre. Maybe someone out there will write an app for that and voice dial. As much as I love the Pre it still can't do what my old Samsung 520 could do with handsfree in my car.

    DealExtreme: $25.87 Universal Bluetooth V1.2 A2DP Stereo Receiver Dongle for Speakers with iPod Data Port
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    I can't find enough details/specs on this device...Can someone tell me how it connects to an existing home AVR AND car receiver?
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    You will need an ipod dock. I have one in my car that works thru the aux port and one connected to a set of powered speakers at work. The beauty of both docks is that I don't have to continually attach the aux or speaker in cable, Pre automatically pairs with both bluetooth recievers and all I have to do is select Shoutcast or Pandora.The reciever has a built in mic so I can also take calls with it. Pretty simple, but works like a charm.
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    I ordered mine yesterday using the cached link posted earlier. received shipping confirmation today.
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    Ordered mine from the cached site!!!

    Waiting on it now can't wait to get it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreGk View Post
    I can't find enough details/specs on this device...Can someone tell me how it connects to an existing home AVR AND car receiver?
    So basically, it adds bluetooth to any device that has an ipod adapter (that also charges the ipod).

    So if you have a car stereo or home avr with an ipod adapter, simply plug this into it.

    Then pair it to your pre (or any bluetooth device that supports A2DP), and stream music.
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    I got mine at a sprint store in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago, and I use it all the time. Now I need to get a spare touchstone, and it'll be sweet!
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