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    I installed Invisishield myself and while it does make you press a little harder at times, it works fine and the grippier Pre is actually a plus in my book having had the slick little sucker shoot out of my hands like a bar of soap a few times. So if you've got a club hand like me or find the Pre a little slick, you might actually like the product. It does make it impossible to put back into the Pre sleeping bag and I tried it out with the Palm holster case and pulling it out within 4 rings to answer the phone ain't gonna happen. It lightens up the ear grease on the phone too. Its completely lost on my why they made the Pre so slick - I blame it on the crew from Apple.
    Have you tried to flip the case inside out? I think it still looks good, and allows for a little more wiggle room with the seams facing out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fareal View Post
    I first installed a BSE on my Pre. I then read that the Phantom Skinz were not as grippy, so I ordered a set (comes with 2) I now have the Phantom Skinz installed and I'm much happier. The gestures are smoother and the view is clearer. Big difference in my opinion.
    I went to the phantom skiz website and it only says preorder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSUFAN861 View Post
    I went to the phantom skiz website and it only says preorder.

    We have been having an issue with a couple of browsers not updating. The Pre skins have been shipping since launch day. Just ignore the "pre-order" and click on the product. If you proceed forward, you can place your order.

    Also, if you would email our customer Service department a screen shot of the page where you see pre-order, the browser name and version that you are using, as well as the search term that you used, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    bestskinsever is a low cost, high quality product, I have used them on multiple touch screen phones/mp3 players and loved it every time. If one even gets worn, I just put another on no problem!
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    My IS doesn't look great. I applied it (quite easy to put on I might add, fit like a glove) last night and experienced some bubbles that did disappear. Some larger bubbles appear to have gone down but they've left smudges (like stretched plastic that isn't clear anymore). The IS may be a thicker skin than PS. I'll admit the IS was thicker than I thought it would be and it does add to drag. Does it impact my ability to use the phone? No, I wouldn't go that far. It wrecked the appearance IMO. The few blemishes don't look great and the overall appearance just isn't very good (streaky lines as well). I'm giving it another day. If I don't see noticeable improvement, I'll rip it off and try the PS. If it doesn't work, I forget a skin completely.
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    I really like my IS. I was really tired after installing it, but it went well and after a few days it looks nearly perfect! I've got a few flaps with some dust under them (from lifting a day after installation...) but otherwise, everything is perfect. The IS has already saved me plenty of times because for some reason, even with the added grip, the Pre just flies out of my hands sometimes and it ends up hitting tables, floors etc.
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    After two weeks of hating myself for installing the Invisibleshield on my Pre. I decided to peel it off and try the Phantomskin. The installation is about the same way. You work frist on the center and push out all the bubbles with the card that came with the kit. Once you are done, let the corners dry and push them down with patience and you are done! At first the screen doesn't look clear, but after a few hours it works like magic!!
    Yes! I've had both the IS from Zagg and the PhantomSkin and I can tell you from personal experience that the Phantomskins are 100 times better. The swipes are much smoother and close to having nothing on the screen. Also, the screen looks crystal clear. As if you had nothing on it. I'm amazed!!
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