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    Been lurking on here since launch day when I picked up my Pre. I love the phone, but like others have concerns about the durability over the next year or two. Anybody looked at the numerous "skins" listed on ebay, or better yet have first hand experience? My wife has/had similiar covers for her Treo and BB Curve, and they do seem to provide an extra level of protection when handling the device. I'm so nervous about dropping mine or even scratching it, but I hate using the pouch that it came with. I normally just throw my phone in my front pocket without worrying about it, but I would like to keep this one in good shape as long as possible. I bought an after market car charger off ebay shortly after the phone was released, and was dissapointed that it didn't work. (even after they sent me another, still doesn't work) Just don't want to throw away another $10 or $15 on the unknown. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I bought one of the snap on hard covers and it was worthless. The snaps were too big and would wedge the pre apart when closed. It also felt really cheap. I ended up buying the $20 rocketfish snap on case from best buy and its much better. The naps don't wedge it apart, and it doesn't feel as cheap. I don't know how much protection it will provide if I drop it, but does look nice. I ordered one of the screen protectors from and I am very happy with that. Combined with the rocketfish case, I'm not worried at all about scratching the phone.
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    I bought a skin from phantomskinz... Couldn't be happier. Noone can tell its there but i'm no longer afraid to out it in my front pocket with keys...
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    I use a Case Logic neoprene external hard drive pouch and avoid playing with the phone while standing.

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