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    Quote Originally Posted by mooney101 View Post

    Does this work with he touchstone? Plug the usb cable into the Kensington LiquidAUX adn charge the touchstone?

    Can i use my Bluethoth head set in conjunction with this? Meaning I can answer my call though my headset and not the Kensington LiquidAUX?

    Thanks so much...
    Hi! Works fine with my touchstone, see my post 11 in this thread. I used a modified cable from Monoprice.

    I don't know about your second question.
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    Got all the pieces / parts to hook this up to my Eclipse head unit.

    First impression - sounded very very quiet. Had to crank the sensitivity of the head unit's aux port, and increase the volume on my Pre.

    Once that was done, it sounded mushy. A bit of tweaking on the bass / mid / treble made it sound better, but still mushy, and with quite a bit of engine noise.

    With the engine off it sounded better, but still mushy. As if someone had replaced all of my high bit rate VBR mp3s with low bit rate versions. Not sure what to make of that. I don't know if it's A2DP limiting the bit rate, if the A-to-D converter in the LiquidAUX just isn't very musical, or if a ground loop is causing this.

    I called Kensington and asked them to ship me a free ground loop isolator, so I guess I will see, in about 10 business days.
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    Does anyone know if there's a way to use just the A2DP profile, and not the HFP profile with it? I love it for the music and really like the remote feature, but the speakerphone's useless.
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    Yo everybody, thanks for steering me to the LiquidAux! I got it working quite well in my RX-8 onceKensington sent a ground loop isolator to eliminate engine noise.

    The only complaint I have so far, is the annoying 'pop' when the pre advances to the next song. I suspect the Pre is at fault, not the LiquidAux. Anyone else notice that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aliatgb View Post
    I wish I could answer this properly but I didn't really try out the mic when it was inside the device. The first thing I did when this kit came in was to basically extend the cable on the mic so it is now sitting right above my left window (in the middle) and so far people can hear me fine except they say I sound different and that it sounds like I am at the end of a tunnel. People can hear me so that's all I care about.

    One problem I have is when using the device I have that ground loop noise which I know is fixable. I have it with the engine on and not when its turned on. However if I use the USB port on the device to charge my phone the static/interference gets exponentially worse and it can be heard with the engine off and on. Anyone notice this? The static noise even louder when the USB port is being used? I have a ground loop isolator on the way (bought it myself, the one kengsington was suppose to send never came...) and I am hoping this will clear up the issue when I am using the USB port. I have a feeling that its only going to get rid of the static that is heard when the engine is on, not the static I am hearing with it off.

    EDIT: Nevermind, the ground loop isolator i bought fixed all my problems. God damn this system is freaking perfect now. Just waiting for my touchstone to arrive and I will be in heaven. The ground loop isolator I bought is: PGLI35 the SKU is PGLI35 (SNI-3.5)
    You did completely relocate the MIC to a different part of your car then the adapter itself right? Do you have pic's of the install?
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    it's a shame there's not an external mic input. i'd love to find an alternative to Parrot. something simple like this but with a mic input so I can use the noise cancelling mic of my choice. Though something like that BlueBridge one is great for home stereo use. Just hook it up with a 3.5mm to rca and plug it into your stereo and you have wireless streaming to your home stereo. Even better with a touchstone on the end table.

    I still think the Parrot MKI9100 is the best option for people that need a quality speakerphone and do a lot of talking in their car for business. Not much else compares to their dual mic setup.
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    I have ordered one of these and it should be here by weeks' end. Too bad the microphone isnt on the remote. I hope that using the Palm cable with this unit will adequately power the Touchstone. If not, then I might need an outlet splitter.

    I will be mounting it in the lower portion of the center stack, right where the center console begins. Does anyone have a similar setup? If so, how is the mic pick-up from that distance? I am thinking that it will be quieter down there and should pick up my voice well (deep, projecting voice). I already have a Ground Loop Isolator

    (Yes, I used pics from edmunds...I dont have any pics of my vehicle on hand)
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    I received it last Thursday just in time to make my trip to Orlando. It pairs easy enough, and works pretty decently. A nice feature is that it remembers the setup even if the power is diconnected (I have mine plugged into a port that is only powered when the vehicle is on), which means it re-pairs with my Pre within seconds of me getting in the car everytime.

    I had to buy an outlet splitter, so that I can power my Touchstone and the LiquidAUX, and everything works. Its mounted (facing me) on the lower porting of the vertical center stack. Since I use mine 90% for A2DP, this is fine. The voice mic is decent for me, considering that I have a booming voice. I spoke with my mother for 30min with un-tamed motorcycles passing me (it was Bike Week in Daytona) and she very much noticed the passing bikes. Outside of overpowering noises, she heard me without any repeating.

    The remote is a finnicky lil thing! I noticed that it didnt work straight out of the package. So I tried pairing them with no results. I tried flipping the battery, and only when I flipped it and put pressure on it did it work. So I took the battery out and raised the spring up a bit. That fixed it...I think.

    All in all, this device will be a great lil shortcut until I can invest in a better stereo unit for my vehicle. Too bad the Pre didnt have voice commands...this unit allows for them, which would make things even easier.
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    LiquidAux is only $25 shipped at Meritline. $5 cheaper than Amazon right now.
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    i really want a bluetooth... but theyre so expensive!
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    The LiguidAux is $30 on Amazon. You can even get the Motorola T608 for under $30. It's more of a fixed install than the LiquidAux is and have a much better speakerphone. Both are a steal compared to the Parrot ones.
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    I've been using my LiquidAUX for sometime now, and the sound quality of the music is great compared to previous setups. There are some mod instructions out there on extending the built in mic to have it placed in a more convenient spot to eliminate the "distance" of the sound of your voice. As for the pops acc3d reported, that seems to be the norm though it only occurs occasionally for some reason. Same thing with not auto pairing. And I decided to not use its usb port for the TS I have mounted on the dash. Instead I am using a Palm car charger and a hard wired 12v outlet installed behind the dash. Despite these drawbacks, definitely worth the money, which isn't that much!
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    Picked my Kensington up about 3 weeks ago. Very impressed. The sound quality is nice and with a ground loop isolator, it makes things sound very nice. Have talked and streamed music. The pops happen due to music being streamed (almost like turning off and turning on the Pandora app). The navigation works like a charm as well. speaks through the stereo and mutes my music to let me know where I am going. I paid $24 dollars at meritline and i received in 7 days. This product was well worth the money. As mentioned earlier, just need PRE to do the voice commands and then as the BUD LIGHT commercials say, "Here we go....."
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    I couldn't find this thing for near as cheap as you guys did. What happened? I bought mine on Amazon and I don't remember the exact price, but it was over $70. I also didn't like that it was obviously returned by another customer. Thankfully, it works fine. I want to share my observation of the mic performance. Just like some of you, I am told that I sound like I'm in the other end of a long tunnel. I have to speak very loudly in order to be heard. My H, on the other hand, has a Blackberry, and when I tested it, I could speak extremely softly and still be heard. It also has the additional awesomeness of automatically bringing up voice dialing and it works really well. I'm jealous (but not jealous enough to switch). Anyway, my point is - doesn't this mean that it is a problem with the Pre's mic rather than the Liquidaux mic? I'm wondering if there is a possibility of a patch to resolve it. Your thoughts?
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    So... I am looking at this LiquidAUX for my car. I don't have an aux. jack but the stereo does have Aux. RCA inputs in the back of the factory unit.
    Could I plug the LiquidAUX jack into a 3mm to rca conversion cable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by omahawildcat View Post
    ... Could I plug the LiquidAUX jack into a 3mm to rca conversion cable?
    Yes, that should work fine. I think it is a bit more sensitive - in that you'll need to keep the volume a bit lower to not clip the audio. But I've used a setup like that before.

    Where did you get the LiquidAUX from, and what is it running these days?
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    You can get it for $40 from amazon
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    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    Down to $33 on Amazon right now.
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    Hey, I just read about needing to delete and re-pair. I bet that'll fix it. Thanks guys!!!
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