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    Leather Carrying Pouch Case For Palm Pre - Palm Pre Cases
    $4.59 normally $24.99


    Sandwich Carrying Case For Palm Pre - Palm Pre Cases
    $4.59 normally $24.99

    Use Coupon Code Cell6 for 6% off. Free shipping if you spend over $30 (Code: freeship)

    I paid about $4.00 for shipping for a case, a wall charger and a car charger ($2.99 per charger too btw)

    I've made purchases from this place before for my previous phones. They're reputable. I figure this cheap case will do until Seidio comes out with the super big extended battery with innocase and holster. Hurry up Seidio!
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    Looks like nasty pleather. And probably worth every penny of $5.
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    i bought a cheap case to hold me out until Seidio has there case come out as well...

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