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    Does anyone have any first hand experience with Blackberry's Bluetooth Gateway. (see link)


    Some dealers says the product works with any bluetooth A2DP compatible device. Other dealers says the device only works with blackberry phones.

    I have been waiting for this bluetooth technology to be released and expect it to grow, but I really don't want to go through the process of returning it, if it doesn't work.

    Any idea if this product will work with my Palm Pre? Anyone tired the product with either a Pre or a Blackberry?

    Thanks guys!!
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    Yes, I have it and it works perfect.. i set it up with my stereo so now i have pandora whenever -=)
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    Just keep in mind that you can't get calls over this, and you can't control the music from the actual Blackberry device (you need to use the Pre to control the music.)

    Otherwise, I agree, it works great.

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