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    Is anyone else getting static while using a bluetooth headset. I seem to be getting this every 3rd call or so.
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    It might help if you named the bluetooth headset you are using.
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    Whoops =)

    It's an original Jawbone.
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    I am also having static with my Jawbone 2. It happens at my office and at home, so I'm thinking it is caused by interference from my wifi networks.
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    I have a Voyager Pro - clear as a bell - better than the phone by itself.
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    I just switched from the original Jawbone to the Jawbone II about a week ago. So far, I have not had any issues. The Jawbone II is much smaller and stays in my ear better and I don't need to use the over the ear hook, which is great.
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    I get static with all of my BT headsets (Blueant Z9, Z9i, V1, Q1, Voyager Pro) when my phone is in my pocket. Otherwise, no static.
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    I have a Plantronics Discovery 665, and it occasionally gets a little bit of static with the Pre in the side case, but it's not intolerable. Out of the case, I can walk out of my office, into the hall, down about 10 feet and into our office kitchen. Then I start to get some serious static and a "I'm going to disconnect you" beep or two, but aiming my head back towards my office keeps it just in range. Coming from 755p, this is like the heavens have opened up and shined down on me.
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    I just bought the altec lansing/plantronics backbone 903 and plugged it in. Before I could leave the house, my phone rang and I answered via headset. The caller told me that my voice had a slight echo. I switched to speaker phone and he said it was much better. I'm slightly disappointed. I've never used bluetooth before.

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