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    I looked on Amazon for Pre stuff and came across these two car chargers. One does say it is 1A, the other doesn't say what it is but says it has "digital rapid and slow charge features".

    Has anybody tried either of these for use with the Touchstone in the car?

    "Palm Pre Retractable Car Charger" (12V, 1A): Palm Pre Retractable Car Charger: Apparel

    "Palm Pre Professional Blue LED Car Charger [...] with digital rapid and slow charge features": Palm PRE Professional Blue LED Car Charger for your Phone with digital rapid and slow charge features!: Cell Phones & Service

    They are both pretty good prices ($11 and $13) and the retractable cord of the first one is handy to not have excess cord flopping around.

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    Search, there is already a thread in the Accessories forum about 3rd party chargers and the Touchstone.
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    Yes, I know, I have been on that thread. It is not about these chargers.
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    Just get the palm car charger for hassle free touchstone use in the car. I have a pile of cheap chargers that didn't work. Wasted as much on them as the palm charger

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