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    I had been unable to have my computer attempt to connect to my Pre for an internet connection. Now, after downloading the OS Update, the computer will connect, but it is blocked from accessing the internet. It states:
    Auth Error
    Your service account does not allow internet connection sharing. Contact Sprint for help.

    I have the Simply Everything plan from Sprint and was able to connect this way on my 800W.

    Is there a way to get this to work on my Pre like it did on my prior phone on this same plan?


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    Same problem
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    Check out the homebrew apps section. Or do a forum search. Aonic has developed an app that allows you to tether you Pre via wifi/bluetooth/ or usb. Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart, it does require rooting your Pre (at the moment). It really is too bad though that Sprint doesn't want the Pre to tether. It is NOT Palm that is doing this.
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    Yea, the My Tether app worx like a charm. I thought you only had to turn it on once and didn't have to worry about it there after. Even after overclocking my Pre and installing an text-edit-autoreplacer and several reboots.

    I just figured after doing all of this I didn't have to go back into My Tether and enable it again.... and I started getting this message.

    Turning it back on fixed it.

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