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    Has anyone else observed a significant amount of reduced responsiveness from the phone when listening to music (especially Pandora) via their A2DP headphones? It would seem that this is rather taxing on the system. (even with no other applications running)

    In my case, listening to Pandora over wi-fi with my Sony DR-BT22A headphones is the worst, next would be just local mp3s. Maybe once or twice a song there would be a slight skip/pause in the music as well.

    If others are experiencing this problem, could you post what headphones you're using?
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    yep; it's pretty bad
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    Same experience with Pandora over wifi using Motorola S9-HD
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    Yes, this also happened with my previous T-Mobile G1. Seems like A2DP is pretty processor intensive.
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    A2DP works great for me in my car. I have a pioneer FHP800BT headunit and it works great for hands free calling and listening to pandora. I use it everday and so far it's the best sounding A2DP phone I have used. I had a HTC Touch and a Touch Diamond before the pre. Neither one of the HTC phones sounded very good with music or phone calls. I don't get any skipping during music playback or calls but trying to do anything else is a little slow. But it's liveable and Palm might even be able to optimize this with future updates. So, consider me very pleased with the bluetooth capabilities of the pre.
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    I don't really notice/observe any sluggishness when listening to music with a2dp headphones, but I do notice the one or two skips per song. Using Sony's DRBT50 headphones.
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    Oh man... aside from YeOj... all the rest of you guys are scaring me! I have the Motorolla HT820 and it works PERFECTLY with my Treo 680...

    I rely on this HEAVILY and I REALLY hope it doesn't work as horribly as all you guys are experiencing... that could be a major draw back for me... : /.

    As of right now I already multitask with my Treo, with A2DP music playing while I text someone, get a call in the middle, talk for a bit, hang up, music starts up again, and I can continue texting completely, no lag time no problems...

    I REALLY hope the Pre doesn't mess that up for me... cuz as of right now, I consider my Treo 680 a true multitasking device...
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    It's not the A2DP which is sluggish, it's Pandora.
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    Not completely true. Although Pandora w/out A2DP does cause the Pre to become a bit sluggish it's almost unuseable with Pandora streaming to an A2DP device. There is a big noticeable difference.

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