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    Looks nice but would love a review if anybody springs for it right away. One issue, how hard is it to get it in and out of the case if, for example, you want to use the Touchstone or need to change batteries? How well does the belt clip work especially with the flap closed and so on.

    Palm Pre cases PIEL FRAMA
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    I ordered one 2 days ago, they sayit will take 10 days to get it. I will review once I get it.
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    Are you kidding me? $111 for this? Holy moly. This makes the $39 Palm side case look positively value oriented.
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    Case arrived today.

    First off for the past few years I have used my PDAs with no case or just a pouch but this case intrigued me kind of reminding me of a case I loved that I had for an old Sony Clie (Vaja Cases).

    I have to say I am EXTREMELY impressed with the case. The quality of the leather and the build seem to be A+. I have only had it for a few minutes so time will tell on that.

    One concern was if it would be easy to place in and remove from case since I have a Touchstone at home and at office. With a similar case I had made by Vaja for my iPhone it was difficult to remove. Happily on this Piel Frama case the Pre pops in and out very easily. For some it might be too easy. I think if I held the case open by the top and shook it the Pre could get loose and fall out. Im not going to test that though. For me its just perfect - I can pop in and out easier than taking out of a pouch for charging.

    The case has openings for all necessary areas of Pre including the headphone connector. It has a mesh opening for speaker.

    I also love the fact that I do not have to use the belt clip but its there if I need it. As you will see in the photos I have removed the clip and used a plastic plug they give you.

    I think this is going to be a keeper and end my search for the perfect case. The only negative I can think of is it does add a little bulk to Pre so I will have to see how it feels in my pocket. I give this a top rating.

    Pics: MobileMe Gallery
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    Do you think a pre with a complete body skin will fit inside this case? Maybe that would "tighten things up" so it couldn't' fall out as easy as you suggested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Are you kidding me? $111 for this? Holy moly. This makes the $39 Palm side case look positively value oriented.
    I ordered this off of - Should be available for $89 that way. Much easier to swallow. Piel Frama Sprint Nextel Palm Pre Leather Case (Black): Electronics

    It does take a while to ship. I ordered mine on June 21st and the estimated delivery is in between July 10, 2009 - July 20, 2009. I'm accepting this because it's cheaper, and they are handmade.

    The most important part for me isn't the ability to remove for touchstone.. it's the ability to remove to swap batteries! Hard cases require you to remove the case, then the battery door. This seems like a much more elegant case in every respect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechFirstAid View Post
    Do you think a pre with a complete body skin will fit inside this case? Maybe that would "tighten things up" so it couldn't' fall out as easy as you suggested.
    I have an IS on the front of mine and its a good fit. I didnt mean to infer its loose, it fits in nice and safe its just not too tight. Its basically perfect.
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    I take it the touchstone does not work with the pre inside the case?
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    Thanks for the review, darrinaltman. Those pics look great. I've had a Piel Frama case for the Treo 600/650/700p and loved them. The only reason why I haven't ordered one for my Pre yet is because I'll be getting Seidio's upcoming double capacity battery and it will probably come with a bulging battery cover. I'm sure that won't fit too well with the case.
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    I found it for $69.00 and it in stock. They have 3 day shipping
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    Quote Originally Posted by wburleson View Post
    I found it for $69.00 and it in stock. They have 3 day shipping
    Care to share the link?
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    When I finally get my Pre (I'm in Australia - c'mon GSM version!) I will be getting this from BodyGlove US$24 from this site

    It's light, provides good protection, has a belt clip and doesn't add Bulk to the phone when being used. To me a leather holster just stands out too much and adds unecessary bulk

    On my current phone, (Samsung Blackjack) I used a Seido Holster (for the same reasons of Bulk etc) - again available on this site for the Pre

    However the holster scratched my screen and I value my future Pre far higher and suspect it is more fragile. Getting in and out of the car would unclip the phone sometimes and I would cringe as the phone hit the floor. However it is a remarkably good solution and it appears the clip has been changed to avoid scratching the screen. The clip was very good at holding the phone in place.
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    I have the Seidio holster and just received the Piel Frama yesterday. My initial impression is that it looks GOOD. Very nice leather, very high quality. The Pre fits snugly enough that sliding the screen up away from the keyboard is very easy, and yet the phone comes out of the case to put on the TS easily enough. That is, it doesn't fall out of the case, but slides out nicely. It is easy to remove from the clip (I don't know that I will put the case on to carry it in my pocket) but it is a pain to take it off the belt clip, unsnap it, unlock the phone and answer a call. It also adds a fair amount of bulk, especially if I am carrying it under a shirt - it pushes it way out. Similarly, if I was just going to put it in my pocket I think it is too big, I would go with the sleeping bag instead. I suspect I will go back and forth between Seidio and Piel Frama depending on the situation - the latter is much dressier, better protection off your belt, but a bit of a hassle to answer.
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    I bought this case 2 weeks ago on for $64. Arrived in 3 days. got a 10% discount that paid for shipping. Great case
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    Build Quality
    -Very nice leather. You can tell it's of high quality and all the seams seem to work very nicely.
    -Handmade build shows Piel Frama makes products of quality (see cons)

    -The thin strip of leather that connects the two sides may deterioriate over time.
    -The plastic cap to cover up the belt clip screw did not fit for me.
    -The case holds in the Pre via pressure from both sides of the keyboard. This means that over time this case will probably have less and less of a tight fit.
    -Handmade sometimes means small defects (my speaker hole was more oval than circular shaped)

    -Access to Headphone Port, Volume Rocker while within case
    -Ability to use pre within case, as opposed to a pouch type form factor that must be removed from the case first in order to use the unit.
    -Front flap especially easy to close, fairly easy to open.
    -Fairly easy to remove pre from case to do things such as a battery swap or charge (on a touchstone, see cons).

    -Access to sleep button is difficult from some positions
    -Ringer switch completely covered up
    -Top flap makes using the camera difficult/awkward
    -The fact that the bottom half of the case is larger than the top half of the pre makes the slider slightly more difficult to open/close (this case squeezes the pre in order to keep it inside)
    - The fact that the bottom half of the case is larger than the top half of the pre means typing on the keyboard on the extreme right and left keys is more difficult.
    - Vigorous typing can result in the pre being slightly dislodged from the case because the pre is only held in by pressure.
    - Is NOT compatible with the touchstone dock while the pre is in the case.
    - When the pre's keyboard is slid out, it is VERY hard to access the ringer switch while inside this case.

    -Very thick case results in very good protection
    -Front flap results in good screen protection

    - Adds considerable size to your pre. Almost doubles the thickness of the unit!


    Good for?
    -Good case if a flap case is your only option.
    -If you want to use your Pre with a skin (invisible shield, etc) as the tolerances seem very forgiving.
    -If you want good drop protection from your case

    Not good for?
    -If you want to have a case as slim as possible (i.e. if you carry your pre in your pocket, like I do).
    -If you want immediate access to all controls of the Pre while still in the case (screen, ringer switch, etc)

    Final word/notes:
    -I did not try the belt clip. I don't usually wear phones like this so I have no idea how this performed.
    -I personally will be returning this case and switching to a Seidio Innocase - the main disadvantage being it looks slightly harder to swap a battery, and less protection from drops.
    -This is expensive for what you get.
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  16. #16 has it for $64. There are coupon codes out there that can get you an additional 15% off.

    I"m tempted to get one a Piel Frama. The Fortte cases also caught my eye but none of Pre options were exactly what I'm looking for.
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    Thanks for your review cookedart. It convinced me not to buy the Piel Frama.
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    I just purchased the Piel Frama red leather case for my Palm Pre. This case had the potential too be the best Pre case out there, for the exception of one major thing, it doesn’t secure the Pre that well. I almost lost my Pre three (3) times already (I had the case for only two (2) days). I clipped the Case on my waist band and went about my business and three (3) times it fell or slipped out of the case on to the ground. I don’t understand what’s causing this; I’m not sure if the
    Magnetic closure is causing the problem or if the weight of the Pre against the flip lid causes it to jump out or if the back of the case which really houses (seated) the Pre doesn’t have a tight enough grip on the unit. Maybe I got a lemon, do you know if any other customers experience this problem? Please help me with suggestions or do you think I need to send this case back for a replacement? I really wanted to love this case, it showcases the Palm Pre so beautifully. I have contacted the company they are sending me out a replacement, they believe I have a faulty case They say I am the first person who ever reported a problem with one of their cases. So far I have received great customer support. I will update forum after I get it.
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    Does anyone have any comments after extended use of this case particularly in relation to whether it loses its hold on the Pre? I'm in the market for a flip lid style case to protect the Pre while at work and this appeals because it offers more protection on the side of the Pre than most rival products.
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    I would also appreciate any updates from those that have been using this case for a while. It's the one that seems to be right for me, but would like to know if others have experienced the "falling out" issue described by "furbykid", along with any other comments.

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