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    Just curious whats different between this case and the pdair version?

    PDair Black Flip Leather Case fit Sprint Palm Pre - eBay (item 290342341917 end time Oct-21-09 05:26:21 PDT)
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    I bought one regardless and will report back after some extended use.
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    Two days in so I will make this brief.

    The belt clip mechanism itself is by far the best I have encountered but, perversely, I have rarely used the case on my belt. For whatever reason I am treating my Pre like I did my old PalmPilot by carrying it in a pocket instead. The only difference is the size of the Pre means I am normally carrying it in my trouser pocket instead of an inner suit pocket. Unlike cookedart I find the overall size of the combo to be perfectly acceptable for countinued use in that way. It is effectively like carrying a small trifold wallet.

    After what furbykid had stated I decided to conduct a shake test and, thus far, I have been unable to open the case in that manner. I can only assume that he had a defective case or was seriously mistreating his Pre. My Pre only has the stock screen protector on it (with the tab cut to make it fit in the case) so adding a skin, notably a full body one, will secure the Pre to an even greater degree. I have the Touchstone back and I have recently ordered a Phantom Skinz screen protector so I will report back on that.

    The case quality is top notch and if you are a business user it really looks the part. I have always favoured flip cases because I believe good ones offer far more protection, notably of the screen, than other styles while also enabling quick and easy access to the device. The Piel Frama case meets my needs perfectly.

    I will report back after extended use unless anyone has any specific questions.
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    From those mythical lands beyond the great USA...

    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.
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    I'm going to have to agree with Teso on this one, the Piel Frama is top notch all around. Yes, it adds bulk to the Pre, but since it does so with style, I'm willing to overlook the avoir du pois. My Piel holds my Pre with a kung-** grip -- no chance of the Pre falling out by accident -- yet it's a cinch to remove it for Touchstone charging. The cutouts all line up perfectly, the flap that connects the two halves is sturdy, the metal cover for the magnetic clip fits perfectly, typing is a breeze, and it smells like something out of a Coach store. My only real issue lies with sliding the Pre open, which can be a bit tricky when I have the headphones plugged in. But aside from that minor quibble, this is one helluva great case.

    I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone in the market for a professional looking play-thru case.

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    Hello Piel Frama Users,

    Is there any new information since the last posts from October? I am looking for a case that gives fast access to my Pre and so I was thinking of a flip case that can be carried at the belt as I am sometimes to slow to get the Pre in time out ouf the front pocket of my jeans. The alcantara style Palm bag is to sticky. As I am using the touchstone to charge the Pre I am interested in a case that give enough support to hold the Pre in place but is as well removeable easily enough for charging.

    As I am from Germany I had a look onto the following page:

    www . eixo . de / ef341 . htm (Please remove the spaces as I not allowed to post links. Thank you!)

    The case can be buyed at ebay for approx 30 Euro including postage. But I read reviews about it that say, that its not really welll fixed into the case and could fall off. That a no-go for me. And one review said that the case does not fit so good so that the case presses onto the volume buttons. My thought: There is only leather on the inside of the flip - I do not know if it will protect the screen good enough.

    The SGP Illuzion would be nice - but its only available for the IPhone. This case would have been nice because the interior is made of velvet-like fabric. Good for the protection of the phone I think. But unfortunately not available for the Pre. Due to a price between the Eixo and Piel this case would have been first choice...

    Piel Frama is a make known quite well for high quality cases. So I would be interested what are your experiences over longer time period with the Piel Frama. Does it live up to your expectations? Or does it exceed all expectations? Or would you say it underachieves?

    Best regards

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