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    I have a Plantronics headset that does like to play nice. Sometimes it stays engaged with the handset call after call. Sometimes not. I don't always catch that little Bluetooth logo atop the Pre screen saying Plantronics took a hike and then end up fumbling for buttons on the handset and headset as the call is connecting. Very frustrating.

    But the Pre beats my Plantronics into submission. Using the speakerphone button on the phone app during a call, you can cycle between using "normal" or "speaker". And when your Bluetooth is connected, that is then a third option you can cycle to. Your Bluetooth is forced to cooperate at the touch of a button. No more guessing about pushing buttons on the headset and trying decode what all those beeps mean.

    That was my little Pre discovery today. Always something new on this phone!

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    Will have to check into this if I have have any issues with my Jawbone 2...knock on wood but no trouble yet.
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    Good to know. I also have a Jawbone II.
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    That's a great feature. I've always found Bluetooth to be a little flaky in every phone I've ever had.
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    So you can reconnect the headset if it disconnects during the call?
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    Yes, this is a nice design feature with the Pre. I've always been frustrated by phones that make it very difficult to switch between mic, speaker phone, and BT. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Pre thought this through.

    I would like to suggest that when a call comes in and there are multiple options available that a button for each choice would be readily available. Sometimes I am using the BT but I answer with the Pre. When I do that the connection doesn't come to the BT (I assume this was a design "feature.") I should be able to click "Mic, Speaker, or BlueTooth" from the phone UI.

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