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    I remember reading a tip somewhere but I didn't really understand it. I'm have a replacement IS sent and I wanna get the door right this time (its kind peeling now). Anyone figure out how to put the shield on without it looking bad around the door?
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    I recall someone said you might want to install the shield with the door open -- that way you won't accidently seal the door shut with the shield.

    As to tips on installing it? Be very patient. Try to apply enough solution that the shield "floats" on a thin layer of solution; that will help you position it just right. Be very careful and wash your hands twice before you start.

    Good luck!
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    door open so you ensure opening is clear
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    (Obviously) try and avoid getting any fluid in any of the ports (headphone, speaker, mic, etc, etc). Since the door will be open, avoid getting any in there as well.

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