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    Palm Pre - How to Guide to Enable Tethering!

    I am not the genious that figured it out I just followed the instructions and it actually works... not the easiest thing to get done but if you have some knowledge you should be able to figure it out.

    NOTE: If you dont understand the instructions you probably shouldnt be doing it, they do a real good job of explaining it though.
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    and a bump
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    pre dev wiki: Enable Root Access Just in case you dont know/understand rooting even has a link to the youtube of how to do it.
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    How long until Sprint cripples the tethering?
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    lets say if i "root" my phone and have troubles and take it back is it gonna be hard to get an exchange. ive had windows operated phones and when i unlock and flash the roms i have to restock the original rom and relock the phone before taking it back. can i do this with the pre as well?


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