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    I love the idea of this. It was actually one of the first things I tried in my M3 when I got my touchstone charger.

    I, unfortunately, have the dancing on/off issue. Does anyone know what causes this? Is it a defective charger because I actually have the dancing happen when the charger is just sitting on my desk as well sometimes...

    As far as a car charger goes though, I think I will wait for a factory gooseneck charger with a touchstone built in so there is NO CHANCE of the palm falling off and it will always sit perfectly. Slide it in, no more worries.
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    I tried to send a pm but the board wont let me. I'm getting a pre also and i'm an sx4 user also. I was wondering if you could maybe go into more detail on how you added the additional cigarette lighter to your car to hook the pre into. One of the best sx4 forums i have used is this one sx4clubDOTcom/forums (replace dot with .) maybe you could do a post there or even just relay it to me and I'll post it for you. I want to try and do the same thing but I'm at lost on how you did this....

    thanks so much
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    Can anyone who is using the Seidio Innocase for their Pre comment on using the Touchstone charger mount for their car? I want to purchase the Innocase but am worried that the case will reduce the magnetic pull of the Touchstone to the backcover and thus make the Pre more likely to fall off. I've mounted my Touchstone using a Proclip mount using velcro which incidently works very well. Any comments would be appreciated...
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    Here are some pics of my mobile office/entertainment center. Travel a lot as you can see and have plenty of things to keep me entertained. Enjoy!
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    how can you drive with all that beauty in front of you?
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    Here's what I did using the car mount portion of a ProClip mount and attaching a Touchstone instead of a ProClip phone holder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    how can you drive with all that beauty in front of you?
    Sometimes it is very hard to keep my eyes on the road.
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    invisible background the aux input on the stereo for surround sound speaker phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitesmoke33 View Post
    invisible background the aux input on the stereo for surround sound speaker phone
    Love the background on the Pre..
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    Ben, I'll post on the sx4 forums. This is still a work in progress concerning getting a permanent power source. I'll post my thougts there.

    Love that BG of touchstone too.
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    invisible background
    Frickin' clever.
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    Does anyone know how to take the touchstone apart without destroying it?
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    I dont, but it looks like the bottom separates from the rest somehow. I dont remember who, but someone dissected one to determine the cost of the parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunamis7 View Post
    I have two things that is happening...

    1) the adhesive has come off totally. due to the heat here in California...

    2) it's goes crazy sometimes. It gives off the notification that it is charging but goes off like every handful of seconds over and over. So I take out of the charger and put it back on or even reset the phone....then it does it again.
    I have found that the Touchstone IS sensitive to heat. If your parked car gets really hot sitting in the sun, then when you return and set the Pre on the Touchstone, it will "intermittently" charge the Pre until it settles down and cools off. Solution, don't park in direct sunlight, or wait a few minutes after you start up your car and the AC before putting your Pre onto the touchstone!.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdude View Post
    Hmm. How is "sprint car charger can deliver upto 850 ma" supposed to "take out" pre, touchstone and car electronics?

    worst case: the battery will not get charged fast enough. But I don't see how that would take out pre or touchstone. Are you saying that inductive coils in touchstone and battery cover are rated to work only and only at 1000 ma?
    Next to worst case scenario: the Sprint charger hiccups as it fails from working its frigging arse off pumping its maximum output (850 ma) to the touchstone and the pre at all times. Then, as it hiccups and fails it sends a momentary jolt of say .... 12 volts straight to your touchstone and your pre which expect 5 volts, thus cooking the charging mechanisms.

    Here's the worst case scenario: You lose your car too. The Sprint charger works its arse off until one day it just plain gets so hot from working so hard that it cooks, sizzles and catches on fire. Say goodby Pre, say goodby touchstone, and say goodbye to your car.

    Have I painted a clear enough picture for you ?
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    if i use the palm branded car charger to use the touchstone, it should charge my pre just fine correct???
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    How's the direct sunlight on the Pre while driving? Being all black it absorbs a lot of heat from the sun.
    Touchstone does get hot. It seems to act funny when hot. If I have to park in direct sunlight, I let the ac cool the car off before I put my pre on the touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moe300 View Post
    I thought the palm auto adapter that bestbuy was selling was the old part number that used to be listed for compatibility with the 800w and known not to work with the pre or the touchstone? In fact, when I look it up on best buy's site a reviewer says that it won't work correctly with his pre. This has also been confirmed by others on this site. This is the only reason I am using the sprint car charger for my touchstone.

    Palm Pre car adapter sold at best buy is 1.0 amps and works with the pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by moe300 View Post
    I just played with the one on my desk here, and it is just as strong right side up and upside down. Where it is weaker is if you try to turn the phone sideways. At least it feels that way to me.
    Sideways is FINE. I park and watch Live TV all the time with the Pre sideways on the touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moe300 View Post
    I don't know about your pre, but when I use the nav on mine, the speaker sounds like someone talking through a sock. I just figured the speaker sucks? Maybe it's defective who knows, but I can hardly hear it let alone understand what is coming out of it. The instinct is much louder and doesn't sound like someone is talking thru a sock. Not to mention, my pre is my business phone and I would rather it not be transmitting data and having calls going to vmail. Thus I use the instinct and just leave it in the truck and use it for navigation.
    Pre Nav through bluetooth and car stereo sounds fine!
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