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    Quote Originally Posted by Boopop View Post
    Nice stuff Barry, looks very swish! Out of interest, how do you find using Windows 7 on a tablet like that? Given the OS is not reeeeally made for touch (with fingers at least, with the small buttons).

    I'm hoping/assuming you don't leave all that kit on display when you leave the car xD
    When I leave the car, the Slate goes into the trunk (it lifts right off the cradle) - In LA - I'm certain it would be gone when I return to the car if I didn't do this. I'd also be left with a broken window to replace.
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    I've been using the window suction gps thing with a touchstone gorilla glued on it. Works pretty good, cept when I turned a corner one day super sharp and hadn't made sure that day it was stuck on super tight and my pre flew onto the corner of my dashboard/window and the suction thingy ended up on the seat next to me later.
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    I finally purchased touchstones for the car thanks to the $9.99 Verizon Accessory sale.

    Nothing special mounting wise as I used 3m dual lock strips that are clear and have a high heat tolerance. This way I can remove the touchstones if I don't like the part of town I park in. Currently the cables are just routed up to the Touchstones from a splitter but I plan to hard wire them and feed them through the vents sooner than latter.
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    Little bit of an update from the last time around.

    Purchased a BB Bluetooth Stereo Gateway, and so far so good. Not as good of quality as the direct AUX input, but even at the high volume I bump my tunes at, it still produces good quality, and maintains the lows very well. The only problem with this solution is, my car doesn't have another power adapter up front, and not nearly enough room to do a dual adapter with keeping a cleaner look. Luckly there is one hidden in the armrest/center console but I still needed the AUX cable to go back there. Here is what I came up with...

    Here it is all together... Notice the cable in the square, that's where I hid the AUX cable...

    About as clean as I could get the other cables. Unfortunately that Palm power adapter is just a tad too big, and I'm definitely not going to spend $15 on one of those smaller ones when this one works perfectly for the TS.

    Where does the AUX cable go? Right in here...

    And underneath the cupholder is...

    The power cable goes back and the armrest is right below this image where the power for the BBB goes in.

    This thing is pretty nice, minus the ability to take calls over the stereo I miss that, but the whole wireless thing is fantastic. If anyone knows how to get that part working, this thing would be nearly flawless. It's small, unobtrusive, and when the car starts, it starts, and it only takes a few seconds for the Pre to pick up the profile. Was able to get it for $25 on NewEgg before they sold out quick, if you can, try not to pay too much for one.

    Thanks for looking!
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    I'm totally going to have to do this at some point.
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    get my licence friday and a car so looking for some goood ideas in here.
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    check out proclip mounts, and the move-clip adapter. My pics are back a few pages.
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    I just switched from suction cup mount to industrial strength velcro.
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    I went the industrial strength velcro route too. It was cheap, works well and the local craft store had it in "pre-cut" circles that fit the touchstone perfectly. Pun intended
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    I'm using a circular mount from the GPS kit my Garmin came with, held up by some industrial strength velcro (the stuff they use on road signs) and it has been ROCK solid for over a year. I'm looking to get an A2DP bluetooth kit to link up with my car, waiting back on a friend who installs that kind of stuff in cars to see what he recommends, but I *LOVE* having my Pre on the touchstone in my car
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    Noticed lot of people are using Aux input for their phones. Has anyone heard of Motorola Roadster or Motorola T505?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    The Pre looks so cool hanging on the Touchstone charging base, The folks at Palm must have known this was going to happen.....

    If you've mounted your Pre in the car and are using the Touchstone adapter, this thread is for you. Show the world how cool the Pre looks mounted in your car. We don't care how dumpy the car might be, as long as you've got a Touchstone adapter with a Palm Pre attached in your car, we want to see it!
    In a F150 the phone will rattle off the Touchstone if you mount it vertical so I laid mine flat. Since I don't smoke I used the ashtray to mount the Touchstone to then and when I leave I put the Touchstone/ashtray combo in the console out of site of thieves.
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    steve Burton has an option to put stronger magnets in the touchstone. Will interesting to see if that affects the Pre3 compass.

    but its a viable option.
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    I've had the touchstone in my explorer for awhile and finally got around to posting it. The charger runs under the dash to a rear port and there's also an audio cable wrapped around the touchstone. I love it but I cant wait for the Pre3 to take my Pre-'s place.
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    I cut a strip of hard plastic the right size to fit in front of an air vent. Then I disassembled the back of the touchstone and drilled a small hole in the center. I attached the touchstone to the strip and the strip holds it to the vent.

    Because the vent louvers open inward, I can still open the vent if needed (keeps my pre REALLY cool - though).
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    Quote Originally Posted by hirenpathak View Post
    Noticed lot of people are using Aux input for their phones. Has anyone heard of Motorola Roadster or Motorola T505?
    I use the Motorola T505 in my car. It works well for music.


    - Bluetooth music streaming really strains the processors on the Pre (or Pixi). If you don't overclock, the whole phone (and especially the Music app) will be very jerky/unsmooth.

    - The T505 beams stuff through FM into your radio. You have to find a good station for it to work well. This is a little inconvenient, but as I don't have AUX in my old Jeep, it works well enough.

    - I hang the T505 on my driver's side visor, right above my head. But even when I make phone calls, people say it is difficult to hear me (even when I position it right in front of my face).

    If you don't have AUX input into your car, it's probably the best (only?) way to music stream. Being wireless is nice. For phone calls, it's not so great.

    Also, I think if you're using your Palm phone as a GPS, with bluetooth music streaming, AND as a mobile hotspot simultaneously, I'm not always sure if the Touchstone can give the phone enough juice to hold charge. Govnah sometimes says I'm losing energey, sometimes says I'm barely breaking even.

    Another idea is to use an iPod touch (for Bluetooth music streaming) and the Palm for phone use. The T505 is smart enough to connect to both of them, and switch between them when you get a phone call.

    That makes Mobile Hotspot even more desirable, but since the Palm phone isn't streaming via Bluetooth, I think the Touchstone can keep up with the demand pretty well. (You have to worry about the iPod battery though).
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    I installed my TS in my '09 Chevy HHR right above the hazard button. I used 3M Command Strips and have had no problems with it coming loose. This helps if I go to sell the car i can just remove it without leaving damage. I installed a power adapter behind the center console and ran the cord up through to come out of the dash tray right into the TS. I'm streaming Pandora and phone calls through a Blackberry Visor 650. I'll post pics when I get home from work later.
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    regarding the F-150 ashtray mount, nice mount idea, and cool truck!
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    Here is my Touchstone and Pre plugged into my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Plugs into the 110 AC outlet. Works well for me.
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