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    I found a nice 2A charger on ebay that works great in my car. You will need a micro to mini USB adapter to fit the TS.
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    I have had my touchstone plugged into a dc power supply here at work and it pulled over 1 amp when functioning. If memory serves me it was 1.2 amps. Anything under a 2 amp output could potentially not supply the right amount of current for the TS. It didn't pull that amount when it was left idle but when the phone was on it and charging it did.

    Just my 2cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    I'm lost with the charger issue. If I mount the Touchstone, can I just run a Palm Pre car charger to it? I would think all Palm Pre chargers would be compatible.
    He's basically saying, use the official Palm Pre car charger (you know, that thing that squeezes into the cigarette lighter).

    Some cheaper car chargers may only draw enough power to charge the Pre when plugged in directly - a Touchstone draws more power on top of that, which can break you TS and charger.

    You should only use the official charger directly from Palm just to be safe. Not the super-cheap generic ones.
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    Not a Pre but here it is anyways. It's wired to a switched AUX outlet, so it only charges when my is on.

    Oh and the Touchstone back matches my dash and my knife quite nicely

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    For whomever pointed out the ProClip <>, thanks! The equivalent mount for my car company would cost me something like $150 or more. I just put in an order.

    I'm currently using a non-permanent setup and connecting to my radio via an FM transmitter fed by a Blackberry bluetooth stereo connector. After the proclip arrives, I hope to get an aux-input, and wire the setup behind the dash.
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    hope you didn't pay full price. I could've save you a few bucks...
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    Purposed my ash tray to keep my power outlet functional and I dont smoke anyway. Sorry for the reflections on the morning shots. The skinomi protector is very reflective you can see my shirt and the shifter. Images were too big to attach so I uploaded them elsewhere.

    At night

    Closed (slider closed)


    Pre Closed

    Pre Open
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanInTheRockies View Post
    I went to Car Toys to see if I could get something to hold my Palm Pre' in the car, and was also very interested in Hands-free. I was thinking I might get away with just having the Touchstone mounted and hang the Pre' from it like many have in this thread.

    After talking to one of their installers for a while, and very moderately jarring the touchstone with Pre' connected, we agreed that just mounting the Touchstone would be gambling on breaking my Pre' if I hit a bump too fast. He told me he could build a custom ABS bracket for about $65. It turned out to be about $72 with some other little fees they have, but given most off the shelf cell phone brackets are that much, what he built is a bargain, and MUCH better (see pictures below). I have a 1997 Subaru Legacy with leather interior that is in very good shape (bought it new, and it has 174,000 mi on it), so I was not terribly concerned with attaching the bracket to the dash in this fashion. Those of you with newer cars might hesitate, though Nate at car toys assured me it could be removed without damaging the dash.

    After we agreed to do the bracket, I started talking to them about Bluetooth and what is available in car stereos now. I found out that for less than my wife would have to spend to get hands-free added to her 2008 Yaris at the Toyota dealer, I could get a new car stereo installed with it built-in. Not only that, but the stereo would do the hands-free gig and play music streaming from my Pre' via Bluetooth. The stereo is a Pioneer Premier, and the price was $259. Add $25 for wiring harness connector, and a few bucks they charge for the shop, and for under $300 I could get the stereo installed. I went for it.

    So, at this point, I have an awesome setup. Here is a cool use case (sorry, my day job is as an engineer):
    1) Place the Palm Pre' in the holder before or after starting the car
    2) Launch Pandora (free music player app), and select my custom station I have set up
    3) Launch Sprint Navigation
    4) Pull the Pre out of the holder and enter the destination (please please can I have an on-screen keyboard for little typing like destinations and quick text messages)
    5) Start driving while listening to my custom Pandora music over the car stereo
    6) When next point of spoken directions comes up in the navigation software, it lowers the music volume, speaks it to me, then raises the volume back up. This is true whether I have navigation or Pandora card in focus, or neither of them for that matter (both apps have to be running of course)
    7) Someone calls me, and thus the radio volume is lowered, and I can answer via controls on the front of the radio, the nifty remote that came with the stereo, or by touching the answer button on the Pre' screen.
    8) I talk to the person who called (they put a little mic above my rear view mirror that picks up my voice, and the other person comes through the stereo speakers)
    9) Call is completed (I hang up or the other person), and the volume on my music goes back up

    At this point, I look in the rear view mirror and smile, thinking I have a killer smart phone, navigation system, radio station customized to me with thumbs up and thumbs down inputs to select what I do and don't like, and no wires to connect or disconnect when I get into or out of my car. The best part, I got the smart phone, the car stereo, and the mount to hold the phone for about what most people pay for one car payment on a fancy car with a navigation system and hands-free cell phone. AND, I don't have car payments!

    Oh, and big thanks to Nate Carter at the Fort Collins, CO Car Toys. He did an awesome job on the bracket and the rest of the work.

    I Have mine mounted low (inline with the shifter). But I do pretty much the same thing except I use the music app. Sometimes the nav has too many warnings but this is a problem with all nav systems. Also if you pause music in bluetooth you can't unpause it from bluetooth (it makes a noise but stays paused). Other than these two issues it works awesome. You can also run trapster and it also lowers your music and gives audio warnings. And no text message is quick enough to type while driving. I want to swerve into every person I see driving and texting.
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    I recently mounted a touchstone in my car, and while I still need to work on the adhesive on the back of the Velcro strips not holding on hot days, it seems to work pretty well.

    I wanted complete hands free, and was tried of plugging in a wire every time I got in the car to listen to music. My car doesn't have an aux input, and isn't capable of getting one, so I am stuck using an fm modulator. I purchased a bluetooth auxiliary device that works off a cigarette lighter and gives you a 3.5mm plug for aux inputs (which I don't have). ( Kensington LiquidAUX Bluetooth Car Kit with Remote) I run mine into the fm modulator and it all seems to work quite nicely. The sound isn't great cause it's fm, but it's the best I can do without replacing the stereo.

    The devices are all plugged into a triple cigarette lighter adapter the bottom is the fm modulator, the middle is the palm car charger, and the top is the bluetooth device...

    The whole thing can be detached from the velcro that holds it and stored away in case I'm parking in a bad neighborhood.

    There is also a remote that is securely attached to my steering wheel that allows me to control the bluetooth device without looking away from the road. I can play/pause a song, next, previous and answer calls. I'm in heaven.

    Picture taken with the pre...
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    My Pre Plus is fastened to my steering wheel (air bag) with Velcro (I still had the tape on my bag from my old Centro). I got a new larger battery with cover for $20, so I didn't mind risking the back. .

    This makes a really usable GPS device.

    and not a bad [almost] hands free phone, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by modemjunkie View Post
    My Pre Plus is fastened to my steering wheel (air bag) with Velcro (I still had the tape on my bag from my old Centro). I got a new larger battery with cover for $20, so I didn't mind risking the back. .

    This makes a really usable GPS device.

    and not a bad [almost] hands free phone, too.

    How well does that hold on when drifting? Also Id imagine getting clocked in the face with the Pre would hurt in an accident. The airbag gets filled very fast with what is essentially an explosive. I saw one get detonated at school once in a demonstration. People underestimate them they are dangerous enough with just air add a projectile to that and you are asking for trouble. Check this youtube video and you'll see what I mean.
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    Yeah, sorry, but that is REALLY stupid to put something between you and an airbag!! The sheer force of that thing as it flies towards your face (or towards your legs or towards a passenger) can do a HUGE amount of damage - could likely even decapitate you (a loose dog in the car during a crash can), blind you, rip off your skin, etc. I would not trust Velcro to hold it to the piece of plastic (which is on a "leash" inside the steering wheel, so that's why it doesn't fly at you).

    I've been in an accident where my airbag deployed. The thing fills up with air and then empties so fast you don't even really see it happen, just suddenly the limp bag is hanging there and the air is filled with the white powder that is inside the bag. Crazy amazing. The only injury I got from the accident (wasn't a huge one) was airbag burn (kinda like rug burn) on my hand since my hand was on the steering wheel at the time.

    Please, for your own safety and the safety of your passengers, don't put your phone on your steering wheel!! There is a reason the car user manuals tell you to never block the airbags: safety.
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    If you decide to keep you Pre on the steering wheel for our safety i hope a cop gives you a ticket and smashes your phone. LOL. Harsh I know but don't think you would like to look in the mirror with 1 eye or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Mair View Post
    If you decide to keep you Pre on the steering wheel for our safety i hope a cop gives you a ticket and smashes your phone. LOL. Harsh I know but don't think you would like to look in the mirror with 1 eye or something.
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    Anyone else having a problem with the hot summer heat causing the sticky part of the Velcro tape to fail? My touchstone keeps sliding down my dash from its own weight and the weakened glue.
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    Not here long enough to post kinks, replace X's with w's:]Fusion USB Car Charger | Chargers | Ratings & Reviews |

    The Source has a pretty good deal for Canadians, that USB car charger is $12.50 and is 2A max so plenty of power for the Pre to draw from. Picked one up today, using it with the USB cord from the Pre's home charger.

    No pics worth posting yet, Pre's sitting in a cup holder
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    Here in the Southern Nevada desert, you don't want to leave anything in your car lest it be baked and transformed into a mis-shapen mess, so I opted for an easily removable Touchstone mounting configuration.

    I started with a ProClip "center mount" for my older Saturn. This is an easy solution which is designed to slip between seams in the Saturn dashboard without drilling holes or modifying the interior in any way. And it is just as easily removed. For my car, the center mount goes in front of the AC vent which is potentially a deficiency for getting adequate cooling air to the driver in desert conditions, but the mount, as it is named, allowed for positioning the dash bracket dead center between the two center console outlet vents, minimizing the obstruction of airflow to either driver or passenger.

    I wasn't sure how the mount would place the Pre in my car so I opted to add a tilt swivel mount (ProClip 213019) so I could rotate or position the phone for optimum viewing from the driver's position. This proved to be a good addition because without it the phone would have been tilted up and somewhat away from the driver.

    The best part of this solution was the ProClip Move Clip (213093) which consists of a male and female dovetail plate arrangement. I mounted the female plate to the tilt swivel mount and the male plate to the TouchStone base.

    I prepard the TouchStone by removing the "gecko grip" material from the bottom of the TouchStone. It is actually a double sided adhesive structure with a thin layer of adhesive to the TouchStone, a stiff layer of substrate material, and a thick layer of the "gecko grip" adhesive. The whole adhesive structure can be lifted from the base after getting an edge started with a sharp tool. With the adhesive removed, the plastic base of the TouchStone is revealed. The base plate is secured to the rest of the TouchStone assembly with three screws. I removed the base to facillitate mounting of the male plate for the Move Clip.

    I positioned the male plate with respect to the TouchStone baseplate, and used the two holes in the male plate to guide placement of pilot holes in the baseplate and drilled the holes. The mounting hardware supplied with the ProClip items lacked two screws needed to complete my version of the assembly, so I found two 1/4" flat head screws in my junk box. The kit comes with two flat head screws, but my assembly needed four. In choosing the extra screws, keep the length short to avoid having the tip of the screw interfering with the guts of the TouchStone. After drilling, remount the baseplate to the TouchStone before attaching the male plate.

    The two plates of the Move clip are provided with two-face adhesive already in place. I used the adhesive on the male plate to augment the mounting screws. I felt the screws were required because the baseplate of the TouchStone is not completely flat, so that not all of the adhesive on the back of the male plate would come in contact with the TouchStone baseplate, and I live in desert heat. I did not use the adhesive on the back of the female plate because there is an adjustment screw for the tension of the tilt swivel under the female plate. Since the main components of the tilt swivel are plastic moldings, there is high probability that the plastic will deform over time and require retensioning of the tilt swivel mechanism, so you will want to have easy access to the tensioning screw.

    I am using the Palm Vehicle Power Charger (3453WW) to power up the TouchStone and it has performed flawlessly. I have made no attempt to hide the route of the 2.5 foot cable because the whole emphasis of this installation is easy removal for cool storage. When I get to my destination, I unplug the charger from the power socket and separate the male and female move plates and the whole TouchStone, cable and charger are free to stow out of the heat.

    No-one else has commented on this, so you must all be night people. During daytime use, I find that the display can be overpowered by sunlight, even with display brightness set to maximum, so I made a quick and dirty sunshade to slip over the Pre. If anyone is interested in making one for their use, I have included a drawing and photos.
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    Well, since the recent discovery of the firesale of Touchstones, I went and picked one up from Radioshack for $16. Couldn't pass it up as I've been wanting one for my car for so long as I'm sick of plugging everything in when I get to the car.

    The next thing was to figure out how/where to mount it. I didn't want to use mounting tape on my dash and potentially ruin it. I have a compartment above my cd player that contains a holder that you can take out and put cds in it. Needless to say, with my Pre, I didn't need that. So, I found an L bracket in my basement, flattened it out with a hammer and a vice and then made a new bend in it. I then painted it with Plasti-Dip (the best stuff you've never heard of) to make it match the black console. Mounted the TS on the bracket with mounting tape, and I got this:

    So, inside the compartment, I wanted it to be able to swivel. Well, again, without totally ruining my car I had to figure something else out besides mounting something inside of there. I decided to use velcro in a large area so I could attach it at whatever angle. Default angle being angled towards me, and if I have others in the car, I can put it straight so everyone can watch video or Sprint TV (I can watch Sportscenter easily on the way home from work now, horray! ). Had to drive around and make sure everything was secure, and it seems to be working wonderfully. Went over several speed bumps and dips and it held up just fine.

    Guess I didn't snap a picture of how I get the audio playing, but I use a cassette adapter. I found it gives excellent sound quality and it's my only option to stay cheap, otherwise I would have to purchase something that gives me an AUX input directly into the deck and that runs nearly $200.

    I do want a complete wireless solution, however. I'm currently looking at the Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway as a possible solution and I can hide that inside that compartment as well. I'm REALLY bummed though that calls don't seem to work through bluetooth with these such devices.

    I bought one of these today on eBay for like $10. I'm going to see if this works as its considerably cheaper than any of the other stereo bluetooth devices out there. I'll return with my results hopefully later this week, I really can't wait to try this thing out. If it works, I'll be using Mode Switcher with a car mode to start Music Remix and turn on bluetooth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FliedLice View Post
    I bought one of these today on eBay for like $10. I'm going to see if this works as its considerably cheaper than any of the other stereo bluetooth devices out there. I'll return with my results hopefully later this week, I really can't wait to try this thing out. If it works, I'll be using Mode Switcher with a car mode to start Music Remix and turn on bluetooth.
    I have used several of these devices, previously a cheap one from, and currently a Jabra BT3030 I got off eBay for $25 (a steal as they retail for $40). Sound quality is great, and I have used them connected to the stereo through various aux inputs. you get some echo when you use them in a speakerphone type mode, as they are meant to be used with headphones and have no echo cancellation tech in them.
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    BigGP - Thank you! That was just the answer I was looking for! It may not be the total solution I'm looking for now, but it should definitely help (unless my bid holds on this cheap BB Gateway). Excellent, hope this thing comes in the mail soon then.

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