I figured since I've had great luck, I should post a review on these headphones.

I originally had the Motorola S9's. They were alright, but in the gym the behind the neck bar was not really working out for me. I started with a Sprint Touch Pro.

So I bought the Jaybird JB-200s

I bought them about 4 months ago and they worked with my touch pro. I was a little worried how they would act with the Palm Pre. After turning them on, and paring with my pre, they worked right away. They are amazing. Light, small footprint, long battery life, and sweat proof.

The idea behind them is that they around your ear and inside. There is a small wire that connects the two together. They take some getting used to however. When you first get them and put them in your ear, its a little wierd. You have to adjust where the speaker goes so that its comfortable in your ear. The high and midrange is perfect, and clear. The bass however is a little lacking. They have to fit perfectly in your ear otherwise you might loose some of the lows and thumps.

It also has a built in mic so taking calls is not an issue while wearing them. But the buttons are a little hard to push, I'm guessing because of the water proofing.

Overall I'm extremly happy. I can run in the mornings and stream pandora, or listen to my mp3's without it falling out.

Side note: My Palm Pre eats battery if streaming pandora. I've solved this problem by picking up an XPal xp2000. Its a small battery pack, that has a USB jack on the side. It can charge my pre twice, or keep my battery fully charged for about 2 hours. I bought a few extra usb cables one of them is a foot long, it allows me to keep the battery pack, and the pre on my arm or side, plugged in. Although when I'm at the gym I use the freehand. Which might I add is very comfortable.