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    I have a pair of Motorola S9-HD headphones. My Pre connects to them and streams music and works for calls no problem.

    I bought this little cheap iTrek Hands-Free kit thing for my car to receive calls and listen to my Pre music via bluetooth to aux port:

    iTrek BCK-05 Bluetooth Hands-free Speaker with Car Kit from

    The iTrek device pairs with the Pre fine, and it works for calls. However, the Pre shows that it is connected for A2DP from the music player, the iTrek does not play any audio. Neither does the Pre.

    I thought the iTrek might be defective, but when I paired it with my laptop and played music, the iTrek received the audio stream and worked great.

    Soooooooo, I'm wondering if anyone has come across this issue of the streaming music from the Pre kind of disappearing in to nowhere with a particluar BT device. Also, I did notice that the Pre did not ask for a pass key for the iTrek while pairing.
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    I have one of those and it worked fine for me, though the audio quality wasn't the best. If you can take a call with it, but not get the A2DP to work, it sounds like it's defective.

    I ended up going with Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter WMA/MP3 Player for SD Card, USB Stick, iPhone 3Gs & 3G, iPod, Zune: Electronics instead. More expensive, but I like the external microphone and a few of the other features. I'm not using the FM transmitter on it, just the audio out it has.
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    Yeah, I thought it was defective too, but my laptop pairs and streams to it no problem. Weird. I think i might return it and get the LiquidAUX Bluetooth Car Kit if I can't figure out a way to make it work.
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