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    I've already placed my order and it is currently shipping as we speak. I do have one question however. Looking at the images posted on the seidio website, it looks like the bottom part of the cover seems to not clip on to the outside of the case, but extends further into the closed portion of the pre slidder ? Is this true or is this just a photoshoped image ? If it is true, i dont see how the phone can close smoothly with the casing extending into the area where the phone closes. the image can be seen here. Click on the second image and as you can see the cover seems to wrap around the bottom of the slider.
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    The image looks like there is some photoshop action to me. The case itself I would assume is just a crude prototype, or at least I hope it is as it is a little rough looking. I order one a few days ago so I am hopping it is more up to par with the ones they have done for other phones which look to be very high quality with excellent finishes. I am also curious to see how the easy the access will be to the battery?

    To the Seidio Rep, do you have any updated photos you could post for the form?
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