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    Has anyone tried them? thinking of getting one for my Pre as it looks like it covers the edge/ sides of the phone.
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    I used to have a HTC Pro touch and used a Full Gadget Guard cover that covers the back of the phone also! I LOVED it! I'm going to order one for the Palm pre!
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    how does it compare to Zagg? or BSE? I have one in the local mall and it would be easier then going online for it.
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    I like Zagg the best and I have tried a few but not that one.
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    Put a Zagg on the front and back of my Pre. What a complete pain in the **** that was! Employees at Best Buy offer to do it for around $10 with a guarantee but I figure if those knuckleheads can do it, why cant I? I did a pretty good job except for one corner that I peeled back days later and fixed. A wise investment to be worry free about accidentally putting your keys or change in the same pocket as your phone... Having a better "grippy" feel on the back is very nice especially for texting etc. but losing a bit of the sensitivity on the front kinda sucks. It's not terrible, but I can definitely tell the difference. I was seeing scuff marks after a week of owning my Pre and slapped on the Invisible Shield and am cool with it... DO IT!
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    i found them on Ebay for $7.. going to try them out...
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    I have tried both Zagg's Invisible Shield and Gadget Guard and I personally prefer Gadget Guard. The material is a little bit thinner which adds a little flexibility when fitting it around curves but it doesn't take away from the protection. I also noticed that when I used Zagg's Invisible Shield on my iPod it turned yellow really fast and the Gadget Guard i used on my iPhone did not. They both offer protection to your gadgets but I would take Gadget Guard over any other similar product because it has by far, been the most reliable.
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    i have the full body and its great. no orange peel at all and a lot thinner.
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    I went ahead and tried this as it was by far the cheapest while still maintaining the main points of interest ie. full cover, scratch resistance, method of application etc...

    If I were to describe the level of difficulty, I would have to liken it to building a model car, glue type and paint yourself, not snap together.

    Difficulty 5 out of 10

    NOTE: I did not remove the battery however I did shut it down. This is a personal choice and maybe one best left for those more educated than I. If in question, do it. Dont leave anything up to chance especially when it concerns your $600.00 gadget of joy!!

    You absolutely must:
    - use a single small drop of baby shampoo in water (the thing is sticky as hell and would require excessive, if not damaging, amounts of water to apply)
    - Do Not Forget to wet your fingers often. I forget in my eagerness to start and paid the price. Wet fingers means success! Dry fingers means stretching, finger printing and misaligned edges.
    - I recommend dipping the entire film in your solution, wetting via your fingertips took a needless amount of time and ultimately required the same amount of exposure to water as if Id just dipped it to begin with.
    - use a q-tip (this allows you to wick away the water during the squeegee process, from your buttons, speakers and ports while also allowing use of the then wet tip to smooth down edges around the same areas).
    - Squeegee, squeegee, squeegee! I can not iterate that enough. It is really hard to locate pockets of water since the film does not appear hazy under the bubbles with the water trapped inside.
    - Use a hairdryer to cure the trouble spots and do this in conjunction with the heal of palm press method. This will allow you to effectively treat your edges which tend to take longer to cure both because of their location and due to the fact that the squeegeed water will pool to these locations. But do not over heat, it has to be damaging to your precious electronic device right?!

    I also recommend starting with the back of the phone. It is not necessarily easier to apply however it is removable and therefor easier to manipulate during application and will create a good safe reference before attempting to apply the more likely to be damaged front. You should also take excessive care when aligning and applying. Start from one edge and wrap around to the other, keeping all edges equally aligned. My only issues with the edges stemmed from the slightest miscalculation while aligning from the camera and speaker port first. This resulted in a couple of the smaller tab type pieces overhanging on the edges in a diagonally opposed manner. If this happens to you, you can simply trim them with a good sharp pair of cuticle scissors ( thanks honey!) rather than attempting to remove and reapply a partially cured film. My phone was usable, with caution, within 5 to 8 hours. Full cure, with no visible moisture at all took a good week. The final point to cure being the Palm logo on the back. If you have a moist area that is in a troublesome location, ie the display, use a hairdryer but go very slowly so as not to damage your phone. Heat works, it speeds up the process just bear in mind that it can also damage your unit as your phone is comprised of intricate and sensitive pieces of circuitry.

    And last but not least, Final Impressions:

    I Love It!!! Ive had it on for about 2 months. It adds to the otherwise nonexistent "grippiness" of the phone. It is completely scratch proof, and Ive tested it! I used all the usual suspects: keys, coins, credit cards, knife (yes a knife, but not the actual blade of course), abrasion by a automobile surface, concrete, and various other common hazards. The surface has a short term memory which shows up for a time but clears after several hours. I did not abuse it during these tests but attempted to simulate the every day abuse that many of my older phones have sustained. I must say though that I did not test it by leaving it on the roof of my car and then driving off down the boulevard, there are some mistakes best left unrepeated right? It is completely invisible and indistinguishable from the original surface with the only exception being the outer edges which sometimes show up as a lighter spot on the overall surface. And finally, it does not interfere in any way with the touch screen interface once it has completely cured. I had initial issues as moisture was still taped against the screen due to insufficient squeegeeing. The issues absolved themselves when the curing was 100% complete.

    My one and only complaint: the edges do tend to pick up small amounts of very fine lint which are removed easily with a microfiber cloth and or simply brushing on your shirt. It does not affect functionality, but Im picky so take that for what it is worth.

    Also of note and good to know, if you should for some reason happen to "unadhere" a tab or corner of the film, you can reapply the said portion of the shield by simply heating it up and pressing it down firmly with a hard surface or fingernail ( which oddly enough was the cause of my errant detachment ). This worked for me with great success.

    I will shortly test this with a "Fishbone" snap on case. Fishbone claims that their product will not work with any sort of protective shield but Im willing to bet that with a bit of minor trimming it will. I will update you guys once the new case arrives.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.
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    Gadget guard is a horrible product that i do not recommend to anyone! I have already had to change the guard 4 TIMES and had to pay $5 for each time. I went to a stand for gadget guard in the mall and they installed it for me every single time and it still does not work. Every time I go back they say maybe the guard was defected. I attach a picture to show you how this product just peels right off of your phone. Very angry! Waste of my money
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    Looks like on their site they still offer kits in Pixi and Pre sizes...

    I had Ghost Armor installed on a Pre 2 at a kiosk in the mall. It does add protection and grip, but was costly. The installation went well enough and no complaints except a couple of small bubbles along the edges. A tiny dab of Gorilla glue applied with a toothpick tip solved that...

    I purchased and installed Xtreme Guard armor on my Veer with a home kit... They have it on their site for Veer and Pre sizes... It was not too fussy to install and to me it feels great. There is a whole lot of grip to it and it made a huge difference on a somewhat slick Veer Panda. Protection seems first rate so far and the adhesion of the film has been wonderful so far... (3 months in or so.) I also got a kit and installed on the GF's Galaxy S II at the same time. That went well and is still doing quite good.

    Cost is less than Gadget Guard as well...

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