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    I tried buying the cheap $6.99 retractable USB cable on ebay (Micro USB Retractable Data Cable for LG Dare VX9700 - eBay (item 160338397014 end time Jun-11-09 20:16:18 PDT)) but it doesn't work for data, just for charging.

    Anyone find a retractable usb cable that works for charging and data?

    Can anyone confirm if the retractable usb cable that precentral sells is compatible with data transfers?
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    I also purchased that retractable cable and you're right, it does NOT work with data and it barely charges from my laptop.

    Can anyone recommend a retractable cable that is confirmed to work (charge+data+sync)?
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    Retractable Micro-USB Sync & Charge Cable

    I'm not sure if $12.95 is cheap for you, but I have it, and it does do both, and well.

    EDIT: It is a bit on the short side, as are most retractables.
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    The Amazon one (Amzer 3387) got some bad reviews but you are saying you have no problems with it? You are using it for data and charging successfully?
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    I looked all over the place for a cable like this, but couldn't find it in fry's, compusa, microcenter. Then I saw these 2 on PreCentral's very own store:
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    Can anyone confirm whether or not they both work for data and charge the Pre?

    Is one better than the other?
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    Yeah, I used it transfer 2 movies yesterday to my pre. and transfer pics from pre to computer etc..
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    Cool. It charges well too with the wall charger? Have you tried to use it with a car charger?

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