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    I tried out the Monoprice charger with the MicroUSB cable that came with my phone, the battery was draining using just Sprint Nav. What's going on? Was it the cable, defective charger, or my car? It's a 99 Plymouth Neon(horrible car).
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    The test you conducted for 1-2 minutes?

    I did a side by side this past weekend with a palm charger on my fiance's Pre using the Palm charger and mine using the monoprice wall charger... for almost an hour.

    They charged nearly identical (within 1-2%).
    Now that we have the battery monitor app you can clearly see the monoprice chargers don't push much juice. I am getting +25% per hour with the monoprice wall charger and +15% with the monoprice car charger.

    I get +40% using a touchstone in my car.
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    Here's my experience.

    1st monoprice charger worked but only charged at 500mA. It mysteriously stopped working one day for some unknown reason about 3 months after I got it.

    Monoprice sent me a replacement last week. As soon as I plugged it into the car and tried charging, the charger started SMOKING. It seems that the build quality is pretty shoddy. YMMV. I think I might have to try a different solution.
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    Okay, so if I buy this Monoprice Wall adapter, and don't want to run a Touchstone, but do want to reliably charge my Pre each time, without wondering if/when the Pre will recognize the charger, anyone know if it'll work? Thank you. {Jonathan}
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    Hi, can anyone point me to an external charger that meets this spec? Even the Palm charger on the Palm site doesn't tell me what the output is.

    I have a cheap charger from amazon, but it says 800mA on the bottom.

    Can someone confirm an external charger (boxlite, palm, etc) that puts out at least 1000mA for my 2600 Siedio battery?

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