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    Just got an email advertising for 30% discount on invisibleSHIELDs from Zagg (would post link, but need to have 10 posts). Just go to zagg dot com

    I am not affiliated with Zagg in any way, but I just purchased one from and I've heard good reviews about Zagg.

    30% discount if you use code "iphonepalm"
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    I'm waiting for another 50% discount
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    Just go to BSE uses the same material, half the price. I've never had an issue with BSE skins, have them on all my phones.
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    Phantom Skinz 50 percent off and you aways get 2 sets and shipping is free. Prices 12.47 full sets and 4.97 front, code summer50. There are the easiest to install , clear, no orange peel or tackiness like IS and it completely covers including the covers.
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    Im on my second zagg already.... damn palm leather case left permanent stitch marks in my first zagg... so annoying

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