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    For those of you with the Palm leather slip case (the non-belt clip case). I haven't seen any pictures of the back of the case, I'm just curious if there is a hole for the speaker. If not, does having the Pre in the case muffle the sound of the speaker? Is it still clear?

    Also curious to know how much bulk it adds, and if it is comfortable to carry around in a pocket. Trying to choose between this and the more expensive Vaja cases.

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    The leather case doesn't have any cutout for speaker.

    I use my pre with the leather case it came with. And the sound is an issue if you're playing music through the speaker phone. The issue is not so much about the "loudness", but more so about the "music". You won't hear instruments etc.

    Phone rings aren't such a problem. Pre is loud enough that you'll be able to hear the rings even when the phone is in the case. The only time I didn't notice the ring was when the phone was under a cushion with the case on. Otherwise, no problemo.

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