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    Ok guys, I'm trying to rig a touchstone to my car and right now I'm hopping that it fits snugly into my cup holder. Does anyone know the width of the touchstone off hand ? Or, can anyone that has one measure the diameter and get back to me ?
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    3 3/16" at the bottom (largest diameter part) including the space the cord sticking out of the back takes. Keep in mind that you'll need more room than that size due to the Pre sticking out off the front of the Touchstone - so, you need 4 1/8" of space for a very tight squeeze. I don't think this is the type of thing that will work in a cup holder, as the Touchstone is short and I don't think there is enough room in a cup holder for the Pre to sit right on the Touchstone.
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    Thats the beauty of it. My 2 cup holders are connected in the middle by a wide bridge like so: O=O

    So although the holder itself is the normal radius, i have plenty of room via the bridge to accommodate the phone itself sticking out. I was worried about the general width of the touchstone itself being too big to fit snugly into the cup holder but it seems that wont be a problem. Thanks alot man.
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    The Pre sticks out at the bottom, not the top. That is what the issue could be with a cup holder. The bridge won't help that issue unless you prop the Touchstone up on something so it is high up in the cup holder - that might work.

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