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    Thanks for the detailed review and the pics.
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    Kev1000000, just wanted to say great review, great pics, great thread. Can't wait to get my $100 rebate back from Sprint. Plan on spending every bit of it here at PreCentral purchasing Seidio products. THANKS
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    I'm thinking of mounting this in the car. For my purposes I'd want to have the screen facing out so I can use the nav, and would also want to have access to the 3.5 audio jack. Based on your picks I think this should be possible.

    The newer Spring-Clip Holster With Audio Port Access should get me closer but for my intended use, flipping the phone over to face out, I'll still have issues getting a stereo plug in there. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Know of any comparable holsters that might work better for this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Naw...I like the simplicity and lower price of regular headphones. I was thinking about a bluetooth solution for a while, but then decided against it. Main reason is that the bluetooth ones are so big externally. I usually listen to music while cutting my grass, so the headphones must be small enough so that the protective ear muff thingies fit on top of them.
    I got one of these and use any headphone I want with stereo bluetooth.

    www .
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    I have the holster for the iPhone and the bottom
    is formed to contours of phone, ie face flat and
    back curved, to face in. When put face out the
    top clip will not "catch" phone to hold in place.
    The Pre has a similar shape so I belive that
    face out will be same as iPhone. Just got Pre
    Friday night and is so much faster than iPhone 3G
    at web surfing!!!
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    Just got my Seidio holster (the one without the headphone jack access) and overall, I'm impressed.

    Especially because it was delivered in two days, but that's probably because it appears Seidio is located in Houston, too.

    I saw the headphone access one coming, but I really don't need it as I have a S9-HD for listening to music and it's more for wearing on my scrubs at work. It looks like it will do perfectly.
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    Great review man thanks I'll be waiting to see if they release a version that allows 3.5mm jack access though
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