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    I have an Alpine IVA-W205 head unit and the Alpine KCE-400BT bluetooth module. I also mounted the touchstone on my dashboard and custom fiberglassed around it so it looks like it's a stock part of the dashboard. Power cable is hard wired in and routed behind the dash. I'll post a picture soon.

    I'm able to do GPS navigation in combination with bluetooth audio including the built in mp3 app and pandora. Pandora and the MP3s I have on my phone sound just as good over bluetooth as they do when I hook the pre up with an audio cable and my head unit's aux jack.

    The pre automatically lowers the volume of pandora or the music app when gps navigation directions are being given. I can control pandora and the music app from my head unit as well. Artist and track names don't get displayed on my head unit though.

    All the phone functions work great; my phonebook, dialed, missed, and received calls lists are transferred to my head unit automatically and sync every time i bring my phone in the car with me. There's also the option to input a number manually using a keypad on the touchscreen.

    The bluetooth unit supports voice dialing but i'm not sure if the pre does, since I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
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    The Pre doesn't yet support voice dialing so it wont work.
    I am curious though, what if you wanted to listen to music through the Apline and use the GPS on the Pre too? Would it quickly cut out the music to play the GPS nav and then go back, dynamically or does the head unit have to be set to one or the other?
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    Treo 300 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650 --> PPC6700 --> Treo 700WX --> Treo 800W --> Pre.
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    So i still dont have a pic. I had some trouble with the paint the first time around so i had to sand and respray. Should be dry by tomorrow so I'll install again and snap a photo.

    The only way to be listening to music through the alpine head unit, and to have the GPS from the Pre interrupt it is to hard wire the headphone out jack of the pre to a special input the deck has on the back. The head unit has a single RCA port called something like "monitor?", and i can set the head unit to monitor the port for any audio signal. If it detects a signal over a particular threshold it will auto mute whatever sound the head unit is playing and pipe the audio coming in across that port to the speaker. Its meant to be a universal facilitator for external GPSs.

    Long and short I have to set the deck to the bluetooth audio input to hear the directions from the nav app wirelessly, and this precludes listening to any other audio source than the pre itself.
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    here they are...

    I used a radioshack cigarette lighter socket that i wired into the vehicle power behind the dash, and im using the sprint branded car charger that's just plugged into it. You can't just cut the wires of the car charger and wire it in directly because it regulates down to 5 volts from 12.

    I had to trim down the plastic on the usb connector end of the car charger to fit it into the touchstone, but it worked out in the end.

    The sprint branded car charger can supply 0.85 amps, while the wall charger provides a full 1 amp, so it charges slower, but i can still have the bluetooth radio, pandora, and gps nav running with the screen on and it still actually charge (but slowly).

    To mold it into the dash i grabbed some of that green fake flower foam block, took my time and sanded it down to the contour i wanted around the touchstone, and hot glued it in place. Then I used some glass filled bondo to cover over everything. Finished it off with a couple coats of primer and some satin black paint and tossed it in the dash.

    I drove around and made a point to rip over a bunch of (nasty) railroad tracks, and the magnets have enough stuff to keep the phone in place without a problem, even on the increased slant i have it at.
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    that's way cool! Thanks for the pics... Gonna be doing something similar in my Mercedes E320. I was wondering the same thing.. weather the touchstone would hold the phone well on a bumpy ride. Also nice to be able to turn the pre for landscape mode if you want easily. Right now I'm a2dp'ing to my stereo in my car... I haven't got my Pre yet(July 1st). Currently I'm using the HTC touch Diamond and I had to edit some registry stuff to get the quality up.. sounded a bit digital and garbled if I didn't... guess the Pre A2dp is already fine tuned?
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    For purposes of comparison I conected the pre to my head unit via its headphone jack and my head unit's aux in port. The sound quality is comparable to that over bluetooth. Although on long stints of bluetooth audio usage, the bluetooth can "skip" every so often; not enough to be really annoying though. Of course if you're looking for crystal clear sound quality, you shouldn't be using A2DP and internet radio / mp3s in the first place.
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    Nice mod. Does the touchstone hold the pre in place pretty good? I haven't had a chance to play with one yet so I'm not sure how strong the magnets are. I haven't even tried syncing my pre with my fusion yet, but I might try that later to see how it goes
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    The magnets are strong enough to hold the pre in place, even at the increased angle i have the touchstone at. I made a 7 hour trip the other day and had it in place the whole time, no issues experienced with the pre falling off the touchstone even on bumpy back roads and over railroad tracks.
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    Something i did notice about how well the pre charges on the touchstone:

    If the pre is seated a little off kilter on the touchstone, the charging efficiency drops dramatically. If you experience problems with the touchstone not charging your pre while running gps and or pandora, I'd suggest checking to make sure the pre is "seated" properly on the touchstone before resorting to more drastic measures.
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    Hey pre.noob, I'm impressed. You have a great setup.

    I think I get the wiring part on the Touchstone. I wanted that from the first day I got my Pre (6/6/09). I suppose Sprint will sell one at some point, but why wait. (Thanks for that!)

    I really want Nav to come through stereo. I have an '02 Avalanche with factory stereo and Motorola IHF1000 BT. Is it possible with what I have, or do I need more stuff?

    BT calls come through stereo but not Nav or Pandora.
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    JoelH - it doesnt look to me like your BT adapter supports A2DP, the bluetooth profile that allows music over BT. You would need to upgrade your bluetooth module to one that supports A2DP.
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    Great Job and very nice set -up

    I run my Pre through my Moto T505 all the time with no problem but I still have to get a 2nd TouchStone before i try to hard wire it in.

    I know I won't go as far as you did as I switch Company Vans every few years and never know what personal jeep i will be in.
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    Thats a very cool looking setup. Nice job.
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    Very nice setup. Didn't want to pay for my Pioneer BT module so I use AUX IN. Nice wiring and customizing job. More work than I have skill or energy for.
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    Nice setup indeed!

    If I cant find a way to install an aftermarket head unit in my 07 Mazda CX-9, I will be doing a Bluetooth-to-Aux adapter (someone said there was a good one for Blackberry's...anyone wanna help me search?) and using the base of my Proclip mount to hold the Touchstone. I want a completely wireless setup like yours! Well, I am not going to be able to hide the power cable but it will be close!

    edit: Nevermind. I found the Blackberry Audio Gateway and it doesnt take calls. Still looking for a head unit plate for my CX-9.
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    No issues

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