Thought I would share some pics of the Clear Protector (from I put on my Pre (and Zune).
-As you can see their is an orange peel effect. At some angles it's not noticeable, but I chose to show the ones that are.
- The Pre took an hour and a half to complete and the Zune took half that time.
- It went on smoothly but I do have a few bubbles and had a hard time lining it up 100%.
- The Pre has a rubber feel to it now and no longer slides around on my desk.
- While I was cleaning the screen for the application I noticed I already have a few minor scratches on the screen and back.
- No dead pixels or any negative effects after application.
- These pics were taken 32 hours after application so it is possible some of the orange peel could dissipate over time.
- Does not effect any touch sensitivity.
- It does take away from the Pre's great screen resolution, but I think it's a necessary evil.
- Overall I'm happy with it, but I think the Zune's protector is less noticeable. Maybe because it's not a glossy black.

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