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    Thanks for the warning
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    Funny that people would think the IS for the Pre is difficult, try putting one on a BB curve. I think there were a total of 12 pieces to cover the whole thing. I used plenty of the spray as it is for ease of repositioning if you are slightly off.
    ˙soə ɹoɟ ƃuıʇıɐʍ ɹəllıʞ "ʇɔuıʇsuı" uɐ ʇuɐʍ ʇsnɾ ı ˙ɹəllıʞ "əuoɥdı" uɐ əq oʇ "ēɹd" ɹoɟ ƃuıʞool ʇou
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Pot, kettle, black.
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    Well, I just got finished putting my InvisibleShild on. This was MUCH easier than installing an IS on my old Touch Pro, which had like 5-6 different pieces. Tips:

    • Remove the battery!
    • Use a lot of solution on both sides of the skin and on your finger tips.
    • Don't stretch the skin. The people who have overhang on the edges are guilty of this.
    • If you screw up the alignment, don't stretch the skin to correct. Remove the entire skin and start over.
    • As suggested by another member here, use plastic wrap to hold the edges in place while drying.
    • Don't even touch the phone for at least 8 hours
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    I've never had an Invisible Shield on any of my phones. Just your basic screen protector was all I ever needed. I decided to try out the Shield for the first time, and just like the original poster, did it at best buy mobile. This was also the bb reps' first time putting it on the Pre too. The corners were terrible. But I thought I'd give it a couple of days to "set". There were air bubbles galore on the back, and some dust in the front on the screen. I was at work a few days ago and ran across an actual Zagg kiosk. So I asked the guys how its supposed to look when completely set in, and they showed me a blackberry curve and an iphone. I couldn't even tell the shield was installed on those devices, it was done so well. So then I showed them how it was done on my Pre. They were in disbelief, and promptly asked if I did it, and if not, where was it installed. I told them where. Then they said they would install one for me professionally, and I would only have to pay the installation fees. $7.00 for the back and $5.00 for the front. I immediately said yes. That was a few days ago. Now my Pre looks gorgeous and is well protected.

    PS: Congrats to me on my first post on PreCentral forums! I've been a very long time reader of these forums and thought it was time to participate.

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    I didn't read both pages of posts here, but I can already tell you what your problem is. You have to let the dang thing dry for 24 hours before touching it. It tells you right on the box "do not use your device for 24 hours to allow for drying". This is a MUST when it comes to the corners. Actually, there is a trick I learned with my iPod Touch 2nd Gen... If you get a hair dryer and turn it on low, low, low setting and dry the corners a little it will cause them to stick faster. HOWEVER, I strongly recommend not being rough with it for at least a day. It always takes my IS's a couple days to work out the microbubbles, but I have NEVER had a major issue with one. I have used IS's on all my devices since my Moto Q (Q, Q9c, Mogul, Touch, Touch Pro, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2nd Gen, iPod Nano... I think I'll stop). I am somewhat of a PRO at putting them on now. They know me by name when I call in to customer support to order a new one or a replacement (due to "technical upgrade").

    Oh.. and use plenty or spray... The Touch Pro was by far the hardest I put on. It had no instructions and had like 10 pieces I think. Maybe more. If you don't have enough spray, dilute a little baby oil/lotion in distilled water. It's the same thing. Does that answer why your finger tips are soo soft and smell good after putting on an IS? LOL.
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    no issues here as well, its not rocket science putting one of these one. Just takes a little patients.
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    I bought mine from BB as well, but I put it on my self. I just patiently put it on my bubbles, and all the edges are lined perfectly. Patience is a virtue!
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    I got mine installed by Zagg at one of their mall kiosks. I have no problems with it or the installation job. It looks and works great.
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    I used the Best Skins Ever shield and, aside from a little bubble where the cuts met at the top edge, it worked really well and looked alright Orangey, but safe lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeitz View Post
    no issues here as well, its not rocket science putting one of these one. Just takes a little patients.
    Child labor at a children's hospital?

    Just kidding.
    ˙soə ɹoɟ ƃuıʇıɐʍ ɹəllıʞ "ʇɔuıʇsuı" uɐ ʇuɐʍ ʇsnɾ ı ˙ɹəllıʞ "əuoɥdı" uɐ əq oʇ "ēɹd" ɹoɟ ƃuıʞool ʇou
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeitz View Post
    no issues here as well, its not rocket science putting one of these one. Just takes a little patients.

    And a dictionary.

    I read all the instructions...watched the videos...and had to do it twice. Here were my observations and I sent them to Zagg:

    Don't be so friggin' skimpy with the solution. It's not unobtainium. I know I just refill it but for $15 for just the front it should come with a "happy ending".

    It's cut exactly to proportion. That's the problem. If you're so much as 1/100th of an inch off on one side, you've got overlap on the other. That's a problem with the slider....and depending on which side, a problem with the ***** door (mini usb).

    I get wetting both sides but unlike a decal you slide this into place. The adhesive just won't allow it. Thus, you get left with more fluid than you need on the adhesive side and you have a good shot of getting one of the three ports wet.

    The corners.....ah yes....someone, perhaps THE most anal retentive moron on earth, decided we needed these little mini-pad style wings on them. Why? They serve no purpose. It isn't a case, so it won't protect it. It'll just keep you from scratching it in a purse or pocket.

    I wrote them and told them they simply need to cover the front, not front-sides-corners.

    Oh...and of course if you get a bubble you now have a prism.

    All in all...too expensive, pain in the *** to install and not worth the hassle. I just did it until Vaja Cases comes up with something.

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    I can buy mine from a best buy a few miles from my house or I can go to the mall that's 20 miles away and have it done at a kiosk. I will be going to kiosk.
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    installed my invisible skin myself. i was super worried because i've screwed up a invisible skin before. it wasn't any easier this time.
    install went perfect though. looks wonderful. starting to look better as time goes on.
    i know what you're saying about the edges not lining up. but i just repositioned it until it worked, and it does work, if you do it right.
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