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    I had a Zagg skin on mine, but the corners started to get gummy and linty and look like crap after about 2 months so I peeled it off. It took off a tiny patch of the hard coating on my screen, which I am not too happy about. I am still trying to decide whether or not to try a different skin or screen protector on mine. It really looks nicer without a protector, for about 5 minutes, then it gets full of finger and face prints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
    I have the Invisible Shield on my Pre and I hate it. The way they cut the corners make it virtually impossible to get a good fit on the phone.

    I have a BSE shield coming and will try that one. The corners are cut differently and should go on much nicer.

    If things don't work out with the BSE, I will go without.
    Try Best Skins Ever. The way they cut them is crazy! They fit like a dream!
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    I just put a Ghost Armor on my refurbished Pre. Took about 5-minutes. I don't mind having to get replacement Pre's but it adds salt to the wound when I have to get a new screen protector too. The Ghost Armor rulz, IMO.
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    With the Pre wearing a hard "skin" case I found it fit snugly into a treo 650 leather holster. The front is clear plastic and I drilled 2 small holes in the left side to hold a seidio 2-in-1 stylus as I rely on the ball point pen. I have always preferred to keep the screen "naked" while protecting it with a clear plastic case.

    I had to create this solution because the CHEAP PLASTIC case I bought at The Shack failed and resulted in a shattered screen of my 1st Pre.
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    My pre is naked. I am using the case from my old XV6800; it's loose enough that I can slide the pre out easily and it's protective when in my pocket.

    I've had a touchscreen for 4 years now in one form or another, and always had a pouch deal for it. I HATE having a scratched screen.
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    I ride bareback......noooooo screen protector for me.
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    I bought mine a week ago and dropped it for the first time yesterday morning. I was trying to put it back in the case and slipped out of my hands and slid, screen down, under my police car. It scratched it up pretty good but doesn't seem to have interfered with the quality of the screen. It took a hard lick and held up okay, minus the scratches.
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    i originally put the screen protector on to differentiate between the husband's pre and mine... however he decided to take my leftover ones (came in a 3pk) and stick it on his too, so it didn't do me much good..... the screen protector didn't seem to affect the sensitivity of my touchscreen, but then again, i am probably used to it by now.
    i got a "skinit" for mine... and got a DIFFERENT one for him so we won't pick up each other's phones. still waiting for those to come....
    as far as cases are concerned, i got one of those gola bags off of ebay, but i rarely use it unless im doing laundry or something because it fits my phone, my ipod, my money, etc in that one little bright pink pouch otherwise, i use my old palm centro case. it's a tight fit, but it does the job. and i absolutely love the colors
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    Just put phantom skinz on both my Pre and my wife's Pre. Hers already has a couple of scratches on the screen because she just tosses it into her purse with everything else. Mine is pristine because I treat it like a delicate object.

    So the phantom screens seemed kinda orange peeled and hazy at first. But now, three hours later, they are vastly improved. If the trend continues for the next day or two I expect them to be completely invisible. We'll see....

    Besides the protection offered, it seems an added benefit is that the film pretty much hides the existing screen scratches on my wife's Pre. In other words, it looks BETTER now than it did naked.

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    I had an invisible shield for a week it looked awful. I prefer it naked, looks much sleeker. I keep my pre in my pocket with no case. So far no scratches.
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    i bought these for my HTC touch..crystal clear and durable plus they fit great on the pre

    search for " 3x LCD Screen Protector for Sprint HTC Touch XV6900 " on ebay

    $ 6.99
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    I refuse to put a screen protector on mine because it will take away from the experience of the Pre! I am very careful and nearly always put mine in the little black and orange sleve that it came in. Cross your fingers I dont get a scratch but I just love the feel of it without a screen protector.
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    I use the protective plastic that came with the device from Palm. I just carefully cut off the tab that stuck out. I've had it for about a month 1/2 now and the plastic shield hasn't peeled. It works fantastically.
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    No skins for me. Keep my Pre in the Palm Leather Side Case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    No skins for me. Keep my Pre in the Palm Leather Side Case.
    Same here.
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    I originally had IS... I began to despise it; the corners peeled up and gathered dirt. Took it off 2 days ago..

    I forgot how pretty the screen was when I originally bought it. I like no skin but still want a pouch. Afraid of scratches
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    So I'm reporting back on the Phantom Skin I installed a few days ago.

    All the haziness was gone after about 24 hours.

    A small amount of orange peel texture remains but is only noticeable when a light reflects on the screen. As long as you tilt the screen such that there is no reflection from a light bulb, you can't see it.

    The slipperiness factor is reduced ever so slightly... feels like maybe a five percent increase in the finger-drag resistance.

    That's my report,
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    bareback is the only way to ride!
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    I also had a zagg, but the edges started to peel after a couple of months. I removed the entire front and left the back part. And i also agree with some of the posters, that the zagg takes away from the "pre experience" due to its texture. Therefore, i'm definitely staying bareback with my vaja ivolution case.
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    boxwave is the way to go, crystal clear doesn't seem to scratch even if dropped on concrete and it comes with two for 12.95!
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