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    I ordered a Bodyguardz screen film, and was going to put it on, but USPS fails at delivering my family's mail. They supposedly left a notice of attempted delivery, yet there was no attempt made, nor was their any mail or notice that day. Whatever. I think I'll just leave my Pre naked.
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    Boxwave has an "F" from the Better Buisness Bureau
    Maybe I'll get one if I see it in a store but not thru their web site.
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    I just used bestskinsever- they are CHEAP at $7 each (front and back)- buy 3 and get free shipping. I got a few (2) tiny air bubbles on the front side- and a few non-air bubbles bubbles that are disappearing well after only one day. On one hand I like it since it keeps it protected, but it does COMPLETELY change the feel of the device- its no longer a slick smooth phone, but a glossy sticky phone. I'll see if it doesnt grow on me. I'm definitely gonna use it on my wifes phone since she just drops it in her purse- would easily get scratched. I'm paying the $7 each for insurance- my wife once went through 3 phones in 1 month...

    I am tempted to go 'nude' though- I mean seriously all it has to do is survive 2 years, then it will be out dated and old news and it will be time for a new one. I used my htc mogul for over 2 years without an protection, even had my 2 year old bite it a few times, and while the screen had a few small dings/scratches, it functioned well. Sometimes it seems silly permanently messing the screen look with a 'screen saver'...
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    just saw Amzer® Simple Snap On Case - Black on a website called fommy ... they are giving this hard case with screen protector for $13 ... just ordered it. let see how it works
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    No screen saver for me, but I am constantly wiping it down with a micro fiber cloth. I don't like fingerprints! Thinking of making a fingertip "glove" out of my microfiber cloth so it always stays clean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtobin View Post
    No ammonia in Glass Plus.............I also use it on my granite kitchen can't use ammonia on granite.

    Don't touch it with has ammonia.
    Take a look again, Windex changed their formula. I used windex BECAUSE it had ammonia... mainly for killing the ant trails we get in the Spring =) But one day, noticed a "now, no ammonia formula" or something like that. Not saying use it, but noting they've changed.

    As for a screen protector... I finally put the IS on. I was suppose to get a new Pre cause the plastic lens that protects the actual camera lens is missing from my phone (noted this first day, while at the store). But the store has been slacking, and my phone is getting very fine scratches. Can only see at angles.

    I put it front only because I'm getting a touchstone. But it's a love/hate thing. The stickier surface makes it a lot easier to open w/o feeling it'll slip out of my hands. I apparently just have oily skin/fingers, so cleaning the front is annoying. This skin has made it virtually maintenance free.

    bad things.. hard to align. have bubbles I'm sure won't go away, they look different than the bubbles that did go away. Does not feel as nice as if it were naked. Doesn't slide into it's pouch as well.

    Not sure what I'll do right now.
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    These "Armor" front and back protectors are annoying me, the stupid packaging film that came with the phone covers the right amount of area and thats fine the way it is....
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    I love my pre naked as the day it was born.
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    No protection here! No problems
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    same here no screen protector and no problems..
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    Just left on the OEM protection film. Suits me fine but I would like a source for cheap replacements...
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    No screen protector for me either. I bought an Invisible Shield when I got the Pre but I didn't like the feel of it or how the display looked somewhat dull with it on.

    I've also have an iPod touch that has never had a screen protector but has some deep scratches in the screen. I have been very careful with it, never putting it in a pocket with keys or anything. Since my iPod is all scratched up I always put the Pre in the pouch it came with before putting it in my pocket since my iPod touch didn't fair well being naked all the time.

    So far it is working well for me... almost 2 months and not a scratch to be found on the Pre.
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    Used BSE for my old 700P. It lasted a good solid two years or better. By the end the edges were a bit brown but it kept the phone looking like new. Went with Phantomskinz this time. Really very good protection, preserves the feel of the phone and the touchscreen. You get two per pack if you screw things up (I just got the front; don't feel I need anything on the TS back). Just take your time and follow the instructions putting these things on. My pre essentially looks exactly like it did before I put the protector on.
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    Its been two weeks and I still have the the one that came with it. Probably will take it off after 30 days and not put one on.
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    I made the decision to not use a screen protector on my Pre since I knew I would always be keeping it in the leather holster and the screen is advertised as being scratch resistant.
    Well, even with taking extra care of the phone it started getting some very noticable scratches on the screen just from normal day to day use.
    When I recently discovered my Pre had a defect and would need to be replaced, I made the decision to go with PhantomSkinz on my replacement device.
    Best decision I made. After 2 1/2 months without protection, I would not recommend going without screen protection to anyone.
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    Nope, no screen protector. I just make sure I dont drop it.
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    i dont use one either. had IS on my first pre, messed it up so now i jjus try to be as careful as possible. although my current pre has taken a few falls, nothing so far is visible
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    No screen protector, no case, no pouch, etc. Scratches abound around the edges where it has fallen (thing is soo small for me) a few times and there are minor scratches on the screen. I just wipe it down with the black and orange pouch or a microfiber cloth. I need to give her a nice alcohol wiping, though.
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    got the IS on mine....but i cut it before i put it on...cant even tell its there now
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    No screen protector for me. Used an Invisishield on my ipod but didn't like the way it made the screen pixels "dance" when moving around. Very, very subtle but I noticed it. The screen on the Pre is just too nice to put anything on it my opinion.

    ..just hope I don't drop it and kick it across the sidewalk screen down!! aagghh!
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