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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
    He's talking about the plastic sheet applied by the manufacturer to protect the screen.

    If yours didn't have it when you bought it, it was either pulled off by the person selling it to you, or you have a used unit.
    Oh - ha. I didn't realize that was considered a "screen protector." I pulled that crap off right away.
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    I'm flyin' naked. After a week of ownership, though, I picked up the Palm leather side case yesterday at BB. On my former Treos the screen would eventually scratch without a screen protector while doing things like playing Bejeweled and Solitaire because of the plastic tip of the stylus constantly being used in the same path, so as far as I was concerned a screen protector was essential. With the Pre, however, my fingertip should have no such effect.
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    Nope, no protection!
    I prefer to ride bareback!
    Tina T

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    I decided not to put on one. I didn't have one on my Treo Pro or more importantly, my G1. I just use a side holster for my phone and no problems. The shields just don't do justice to a device like this at all.
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    I took mine off and have nothing on it. Id use one of those shields or whatever but I am lazy to put it on and I have been hearing problems people have been having with applying it on. Getting bubbles and other things. I know mine will end up like that since I generally suck at stuff like that. Not the artsy craftsy kinda guy with surgeon like precision. LOL. So far no scratches. I don't have a case, but I am extremely careful with my technology. I haven't dropped my Treo 755p since I got it, and I have not dropped my Pre since replacing the aforementioned Treo(which I had for like 1 year) since getting it on the 6th. I think in my lifetime of owning phones I have dropped them maybe 4-5 times. Only once in a bad spot(hitting concrete) where it scratched. Rest of the time it was on carpeted areas to which not even a scratch came from it. I do hate the fingerprints that get on this thing so easily, and heard that those covers make them less frequent, but i use that case they gave us to wipe it down when I get home and what not.
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    I have a Best Skin Ever and it has a nice fit. (Only using the front piece) From the looks of their website, IS has an inferior design.
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    No screen protector here. I got the Palm branded leather side holster. Its slim on the belt and has a nice ribbon pull for easy access. You just have to remind yourse'f to put the screen side towards your body in the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdesselle View Post
    nothing on my phone. I do keep it in that little orange/black bag that came with it. It's doing fine.
    I gathered as much seeing your photo.

    Quote Originally Posted by techiechick View Post

    Nope, no protection!
    I prefer to ride bareback!

    But seriously folks I have an Invisible Shield that looks like it might have gotten some dust inside or SOMETHING. So, I have ordered a replacement and if that develops the same problem I will have to make like the Tom Petty song and go "Freeeee Baaaalllllin".
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    I do use the protector that came with the Pre.

    I just slip the Pre in, and when I need to use it again... I slip it out.
    It takes 5 seconds each time I want to use the phone, but I know it's well worth it.
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    No screen protector here. And I really don't understand the pouch that comes with the Pre. I mean you have to take it out of the pouch to actually use the phone and then the phone is exposed. I guess it's if you want to put your car keys in the same pocket as your phone?
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    How is the invisible shield working for you? I been looking at getting something and heard a lot about that for other phones, just not the Pre.
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    I used one that looked awful. It wasn't Zagg so you could see the edges. I ripped it off after a couple of days since it looked bad and interfered with my touch screen.

    Now I wish that I hadn't. Yep, this weekend was working on a project. Slipped a piece of metal into my pocket. Went to answer the phone and saw a whole bunch of scratches on the screen. Minor, but still ugly. Now I'm trying to figure out the best way to get rid of them.

    I saw a few products advertised for such stuff but don't know how they work on a touch screen: Applesauce, Displex and Ice Creme. Heard horror stories about Displex, and I'm wondering if they're all the same.
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    I have one tiny hairline scratch but I'm echanging my Pre for a new one cause of a dead pixel. I already ordered a bodyguardz skin for my 2nd Pre. I'm too paranoid to not use a skin.
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    same here had it since release, and notices a few scratches you can only see with the phone off after about 1.5 weeks. Now I have 2 small scratches that you can see with the screen on when you move the phone around.

    Never had any issue on past phones or other devices. heck dropped the centro more than once and it never had any on the screen (but it was recessed).

    Planning to do an exchange, and get a screen protector on it and a decent carry case as well.
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    I don't like screen protectors. I had one a long time ago. It pissed me off.
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    I've used IS for years but tried Ghost Armor for the Pre. Excellent fit (put it on myself) and you can't tell it's there. No scratch worries here.
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    I got Ghost Armor on mine. Doesn't look as good as a naked Pre but it gives me a sense of security.
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    No protector for me and zero scratches. This screen is quite durable. I stopped using screen protectors about 10 years ago and never looked back. My buddy has one on his Pre and it really messes with the touch screen. Mine is so much more sensitive.
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    I have been rocking the thin film that came on the pre. I am debating getting the boxwave protector. I have the cleartouch crystal on my 755p and after a careful installation I never knew it was there and it had a great feel to it and when it got dirty you could take it off and clean it. I know it is more expensive than the other protectors but I have used their products in the past and I loved them. The film that came on my phone is starting to peel at the edge and I think I need to change it out. I'm not ready to go in without protection

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    Oh, what the hell...based on the two recommendations above I'm ordering the Ghost Armor. I suppose if I don't like the look/feel I can always remove it. No sooner did I post my comments earlier in this thread than I dropped it while rigging up the car mount yesterday. I managed to score a small nick in the top left corner -- outside of the touchscreen but bothersome nonetheless.

    For those of you using it, does it work with the Touchstone if you buy both sides? And for anyone thinking of ordering I found a valid 10% off coupon code: 20081407.
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