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    I just bought a Solio "Mono" at a Sprint Store in New York for $45 (including my Premier discount). It's too early to tell how well it will work on an ongoing basis, but it does appear to be doing the job. You charge it from the wall or USB or with solar power (put on the dash of your car, for instance) and then charge your phone. Comes with several "tips" for various devices. I don't like the weird cabling they use, but it's functional.

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    Like others, I really like the Energizer energi to go portable charges--they are made by Xpal. I got the XP2000 because I wanted something I could easily stick in my pocket that wasn't too bulky. It is really nice because it comes with multiple tips--I can charge the Pre, my bluetooth headset, an iPod, or another cell phone with the included tips. I can also use the USB cord it comes with and the adapter to charge directly from the computer. My only complaint is that using this USB cord it only charges on the computer and the Pre doesn't get recognized by the computer for doing USB mode/syncing. But, I really just use it when I am away for along time and an outlet is not available.
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    I am sorry,,I meant solio,,not seidio,,my bad.
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    A fellow co-worker made an external charger using a $2.50 four cell AA battery pack he got from Radio Shack and a cable that he had laying around. He cut the big USB end of the cable off and wired it to the pack. Then put som NiMH rechargeable batteries in it and gave it a test run. He can start with his battery at 60% and stream with Pandora up to seven hours and never need a charge. I made a copy unit for my own pre and will plug it in when the battery gets around the 60% mark. I can use Pandora, Stitcher, or Dr. Podder and it will charge the phones battery to 100%. After the battery is at 100% I unplug the charger and stream until the battery drops to about 60% and plug it in again. Each day I recharge the AA's in my thirty minute charger at work for a new day of streaming content. Total cost not including batteries was roughly eight bucks.
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    I've gotten myself a Philips Universal USB charger SCM7880. It looks quite nice and works fine, although the first run didn't seem to give the Pre an awful lot of recharge.

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    Nobodies posted about the grand daddy "self powered" chargers: hand cranked / dynamo?

    Datexx SuperBattery USB: Datexx Superbattery USB Power Bank: Cell Phones & Service
    Dynamo Emergency USB charger: Dynamo Hand-Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger: Automotive
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    I also like the Energizer energi to go portable chargers, I have the XP1000, very portable. My car charger died (got wet due to snow), I can plug the charger into the phone, and charge the charger via USB at the same time. That way the voltage all goes through the battery first, preventing any voltage problems frying my Pre. I plan on getting a bigger one soon as well.
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    I use the Black & Decker VPX3101 Li-Ion VPX Inverter. It has exchangable and rechargable batteries. It has been discontinued but there are still alot out there for sale. I belive it is $15 on amazon. it has a standard socket and a usb, both charge quite well. I also on occasion have used my emergency power jump box (for my car) that I keep in the back of my car charging from the cars main battery as i drive around, it came in real handy last summer when i went camping. it also has a standard plug and usb. These run upwards of $80 - $100 but well worth it to jump the car or charge the pre in emergency situations.

    Oh I wanted to add - I read earlier in this thread if touchstones work with any of these charing units. My experience would lean to the no side. I can only get the touchstone to work when plugged directly into a power source, ie. a wall socket or car charger. I haven't gotten it to work from a computer usb port.
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    I use a Brookstone Quick Charge (probably overpaid for it -- around $60). I've found it fully charges a Pre battery about 3 or 4 times before it needs to be plugged into the wall for a charge. For a road warrior it's indispensable. Combined with the Palm spare battery charger, I'm never without battery power on the go.

    I can hot-swap the battery with the Quick Charge. Here's my hot-swap procedure:
    1) Take the back off the Pre
    2) Cable the Quick Charge to the Pre, and make sure it's charging
    3) Quickly swap the batteries
    4) Leave the Pre cabled in for over 30 seconds. Note, I've found this to be important. if I pull the cable right away, it resets
    5) After 30 seconds, I can pull the cable and I'm good to go with a fresh battery, and no interruption!
    6) Put the back back on the Pre

    After that, I put my nearly-dead battery into the Palm charger, cable that into my Quick Charger, put that in my bag and it's charging on the go.
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    I got a Solio charger and it charged my Pre at first but only to a certain point. Then the charger stopped working totally. I was hooking it up to my laptop to charge it maybe that has something to do with it? Any ideas?

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    Can anyone Pick me up a Energizer 2000? I have a Frys but the sale is not here!
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    Anyone know of a charger that includes Self-cranked, solar, AND, alkaline battery sources of power? That seems like the ultimate portable/non-grid based power-source.
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    The best bang for the buck I've found is this 5000mAh unit, sold under several different brands/badges. It gives you over four full charges of the Pre's stock battery.

    $58 at Amazon: Imax Power IMP500 Iphone 3G, 3gS, ipod and Itouch external battery pack last 38 hours, 5000mAh: Electronics

    $50 at Fry's: | Cinch
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    Anyone ever try this? Energizer - EnergiStick USB Key Ring Charger for Select Mobile Phones (Pair) - Black - AP500MC

    It seems it's keychain sized, and supposedly provides another 500mAh (and if it gives another ~40% of the Pre's battery, that'd be great).
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    @jhoff80 your link is broken btw

    i'll get one tommorw, ill let you know how it works out

    UPDATE: it not get it..I returned it after a day..
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    FYI - if anyone cares, Office Max has the Energizer XP4001 on clearance for $30. Just picked one up in the store .
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    The Jackery Giant is the best of all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piotrovsky View Post
    The Jackery Giant is the best of all.

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    I have several newtrent chargers need to pick one that charges not only from the wall but also from the computer usb or a usb-ac adapter ...I have had great luck with them...
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