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    IGo has some great products but their tips are grossly overpriced. For $9.99 you can buy two complete chargers so what is the real benefit of their tips. As far as this post is concerned the Mintyboost looks like an excellent product that will fit the bill for you.
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    I will agree that you can find chargers for under $10. However, most of the ones that I have found like that are junk. I have had the same iGo power cord in my car for nearly 4 years, over a year with my Treo 600, almost 2 1/2 with my 700P. Most of the sub-$10 ones that I have bought have lasted me only months. Plus, with the car cords I have a iGo splitter and my wife has the iGo cord in her car also. So, if we take a trip we can charge both phones off the same cord just by grabbing the tip from our respective car.

    The mintyboost looks really neat, and I considered buying it. But, for the same price I got the premade iGo solution. I'm not saying it is better than the mintyboost, but it is simpler. And the iGo stuff will work with virtually any small electronic device, whereas the mintyboost can only supply power for USB based devices.
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    I use the Sprint Power Pack, it works great with a OEM and Monoprice USB-to-Micro data/charger cable. For some reason it didn't seem to work well with the USB-to-Micro Power-only cable that I was using with my treo 800w. go figure.

    I just looked on Ebay, it is on sale for 4.99, with $6 s&h. I love mine.

    SPRINT PORTABLE POWER PACK W/AC POWER CELL - eBay (item 140327885967 end time Jul-18-09 05:51:30 PDT)

    no affiliation with this merchant, although I just bought another one for my wife.
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    Black & Decker Pocket Power
    Amazon had a $9.99 free shipping sale, picked up two Black & Decker CP120B 20-Watt Power Backup Battery Pack: Home Improvement

    But for Serious ROAD WARRIORS!!!
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    i just got the igo one. The reason is because i can used not only on the pre , but in my blackberry and my mp3 player and I do have all the tips.
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    I did a test last night it took one hour from 63% to 93% that's 30% in an hour,but I have the seidio 1350 and wifi on.I also notice from 63% to 73% it only took 15 minutes and from there it start getting slower . From 83 to 93 it took about 25 minutes.So the higher the % on the phone battery the slower it will charge.By the way is the IGO power extender using the A138 tip.
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    Any chance you guys with the P790 can test to see if it will work through the touchstone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nurgling View Post
    Any chance you guys with the P790 can test to see if it will work through the touchstone?
    Even if it works, the Touchstone is less efficient than a direct connection, so you'll end up getting less power than if you plugged it in directly. Losing maybe 30% doesn't make much difference when you are getting power from house current or your car, but when it comes to a portable battery that has limited capacity of its own, I think it would be better to connect directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metsfan View Post
    The MintyBoost does: Mintyboosting with a Palm Pre adafruit industries blog

    It's a DIY kit for a portable charger that uses 2 AA batteries.

    After playing around a bit more, the Mintyboost DOES work. The thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't provide a lot of total charge. In my case I left it hooked up and it charged the phone, but after leaving it overnight, the Mintyboosts batteries are discharged enough that it can no longer charge the Pre - even though the Pre registers as charging.

    So, if you use one be prepared to change out batteries a good bit. And you'll need to keep an eye on it because it won't be obvious when it is no longer actually charging.



    I just put together a Mintyboost (V. 2.0). It tests out fine - putting out 5v. And when I plug in the Pre, it shows the charging message and icon.

    BUT, it doesn't actually charge the device. Not sure what the problem is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    I just tested it with 2 eneloop's. It charged for almost exactly 1 hour and the battery increased from 55% to 83%. I will test it again with 4 fully charged eneloop's, tomorrow.
    Does it come with a micro usb tip? If not, how did you connect it to the pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dornier View Post

    The Tekkeon USB charger started working today. I have no idea why it would all of a sudden be recognized by the Pre, but before I packed it up for return the Pre indicated that it was being charged. I'll keep you posted if it doesn't work, but for now it's working. The battery was about 22% when the Pre recognized the charger.

    Thinking of purchasing the Tekkeon MP1550 from Amazon and wondered how this charger is working for you now? Were you able to fully top your Pre off, i.e., 100% and approximately how long did it take.

    Also, how did you connect the Pre to the charger? And do you think there is an advantage to the 4 AA batteries vs. just 2AA batteries (other chargers)?

    Anything else you can add to your posts re: this charger?

    Questions, questions.

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    I have the earlier version of the Tekkeon, model MP1500 MyPower Go, and it works great with my Pre. In fact, I just throw it in my bag when I'm out so I always have a way to top off the battery. The Pre seems to suck out the battery juice faster than other usb devices, but that's okay since I use RTU rechargeables. One thing to note about the MyPower Go is that you can also use it as a battery charger with another power source.

    I also have the Tekkeon MP3450 which is bigger and used mostly for my laptop also has a USB port and it works as well.
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    I have this one from ThinkGeek:


    It's on the expensive side ($50), but it works great and is small. You *will* need your standard cable or an adapter. It comes with several additional output adapters (and has interchangeable plugs for recharging it in US, UK, AUS, and Europe). It's rated at 2200 mAh.

    In my testing, I've seen an average of a 2% increase in 3 minutes (not using the phone, simply charging). It should meet my 2 pre family's needs for topping off when away from an outlet all day very well.

    Before I went for this $50 unit, I tried several cheap ones with very inconsistent results - a $15 one from Target ("JustWireless" brand with a AA battery), and a $25 Kensington with rechargeable batteries. The JustWireless was *useless* and the Kensington didn't hold much charge and didn't charge fast enough .
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    I got the XPAL SP2000, which is a solar charger which incorporates a 2000 mAh battery. It has both a USB port and a charging port which can be used with various adapters. Seems to work quite well. With the battery, you can leave it charging out in the sun without needing to leave your Pre there, and then come back and charge the Pre any time. 2000 mAh is more than a full charge on the Pre. I was away from power for a week and a half (but had great cellular signal... go figure) so this was perfect. It's now branded Energizer but you can still find them online without the Energizer branding (including the one I got) and I assume it makes no difference.

    XPAL Power | Products : SP2000
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    There are two aspects of charging Pre via USB chargers: special connections of data lines and the current your charger can yield.
    Current: your charger must yield at least 500 miliAmps - the more the better. If Pre shows that it is charging, but you do not see the charge level increasing, it is probably due to too low current.
    Data connection: your charger must connect data lines to some logic value (they cannot be left unconnected on 'hanging') to be recognized as valid USB source when you connect it to Pre that is ON. It is hard to verify if your charger meets this requirement without actually testing it, but there are two workarounds:
    a) power down your Pre and connect charger when Pre is completely OFF; in that state Pre is not checking data lines
    b) if your charger has standard USB port, get yourself special sync cable with additional red "charging only" micro-USB tip: that red tip forces '0' on data lines and fools Pre into accepting the charger (I have checked 'miniSync' and 'DirectSync' from BoxWave and they work with ALL my USB chargers; 'miniSync' is especially easy to carry because is retractable).

    Right now I have worked with Lenmar rechargeable portable USB charger and 'miniSync' cable (always works) and with Energizer thing with two lithium AAs (this one requires power down).
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    OK I just ordered the Motorola P790 and the SKN6252 Mini USB to Micro USB Adapter, both came out to be $23 with shipping on both, so that's total.

    I think the Motorola was $10 and the cable was $5. The rest was shipping.

    My question, does the Motorola P790 come with the AC adapter so you can charge up the Motorola? Or do I now have to order an AC adapter for that?

    I because I did this before seeing this thread, I am wondering if some of the others are better.

    I was just about to place a $75 order for a spare battery and an external battery charger for the spare battery.

    So if this works, I feel I got a good deal. I won't need it that often, just when I get too carried away and not near an AC outlet so I charge up the Pre while I'm out for the day.

    I do a lot of streaming of talk shows, using RadioTime!

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    I just picked up an iGo Green "Charge Anywhere" from Fry's today, along with a retractable micro USB cable, and this looks like a great solution. It's got 1800mAh capacity, charges the Pre very quickly, has the AC plug built right in for convenient recharging of the unit itself, and will charge any USB device with 2 built-in ports. All that, and it still easily fits in my jeans pocket. The proof will be how well it holds up, but it looks like a great choice so far.

    It was more than I had hoped to spend (basically $50 total, probably could have gotten the cable cheaper than the $9 price from Fry's) but it looks like it'll be worth it. I really didn't want to go with an extended battery, because I like the current size of the phone, and have a case and holster that fit it. I can put the iGo in my pocket and hook it up to the phone in the holster and charge totally unobtrusively and conveniently.

    -- robert
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    Zagg has one, the ZaggSparq, 6000 mAh lithium and 2 1000 mA USB ports but it's $100.
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    For anyone with Fry's Electronics in your area, they have the Energizer XP4001, which is a 4000MAh cell with dual USB ports that comes with 2 cables and a variety of tips including a micro-usb. It's normally $60 but on sale for $20. I went ahead and bought one despite just having bought the iGo the week before (for twice that, of course) because I can see myself having a use for both. The iGo is really a bit more pocket-sized and have the convenience of the plug built right in, but the XP has a bit more that twice the 1800MAh of the iGo for the times I really need the juice or we have multiple devices that need power (like one of our many iPods, another tip included with the XP). I was a little disappointed that at 1800MAh the iGo can't quite charge my Pre fully from red with the factory battery -- it gave out at 85% charge after plugging it in with 10% left. But realistically that's enough of a boost for most situations, and I'm really happy with it in all other respects -- it is small, fast, and versatile (it's the only non-Samsung charger I've found that will actually charge my wife and son's Rants). And now I've got the XP for when I really need more power. I plan to test it out this week and see how it performs recharging the Pre.

    Anyway, the XP4001 at $20 has got to be a superior value proposition compared to the Zagg Sparq for anyone looking for more power on a budget.

    -- robert
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