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    I've got a Touchstone mounted in my car and was able to wire it with a car kit from PALM, INC! It's the vehicle power adapter that's for sale in the TreoCentral store here:

    I actually got mine at Best Buy for $10 more, but that's not the point. I keep reading about people having to grind down the Sprint brand charger like in this thread:

    or splice wires as mentioned in the BMW Touchstone install that's all over the web.

    Fitted into the 12v cigarette lighter plug, the Palm car charger comes with a short USB cable (2.5') which is otherwise identical to the standard USB cable that came with my Pre, little silver circles and all. It works perfectly with the Touchstone (though it's a little too short for my car install). So I just swapped the longer USB cable that came with the Pre into my car and now I can hide the wire under my console. (I use the short wire in my house now.)

    Another cool bonus (for me) is that it comes with an extra adapter tip that turns the mini USB into a Treo/Centro power tip. The reason that's helpful to me is because I have an old Treo Bluetooth headset I keep in my car. So now when the headset needs charging, I temporarily unplug the Touchstone and charge my headset.
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    I've read that the Palm car charger doesn't charge very rapidly, and if you have Pandora running, will only maintain the current charge as opposed to increase the charge.

    Do you find this to be the case doing the same thing using the Touchstone in your car?
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    I bought this same charger at BB on day one and it works fine with the TS.
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    My car is a bit old, but I love it. Below are the pictures of my install.

    Process: I ran the AUX IN 3.5mm cable and charge cable behind the faux hardwood panel and have them come out in the right spot. Covered the digital clock given the Pre has a better one anyway. Everything else is fully functional.

    Works great for:
    • charging
    • handling the phone while driving
    • speed bumps at full speed are no problem
    • removing the TS to avoid attracting thieves
    • repositioning
    • using the USB charger for my Jawbone 2 (except the USB won't fit until I bring out the razor)

    Wasn't sure about the placement so I'm using velcro.
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    Paid full price at BB, but I had to do it this weekend. I just had to. My wife's gonna kill me, especially when she discovers I bought Sprint and Motorola chargers on eBay. The Motorola didn't work (started/stopped/started charging) and the Sprint one hasn't arrived yet. My install is better without the coils to deal with.

    Anyone need a sprint cable CHEAP?

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