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    For those looking for screen protectors that do not use water, the Boxwave ClearTouch protectors will start shipping on Monday. They are a bit pricey, but they work great. I had the Crystal on my Touch Pro and loved it. I'm not a fan of the Anti-glare though because it ruined the whole touch screen appearance.

    I can't post a link, but you can go to boxwave dot com and search for Palm Pre accessories.
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    I've used Boxwave's screen protectors on my Treo 650 and Samsung i500 previously. They seemed to work well. The Pre's screen is very different than those devices, however, so I'm going to wait for more reviews before I pick a protector. Probably either Boxwave or Zagg (and there are a couple Zagg kiosks in my town who will do installation, so that's a bonus).

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