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    On day 2 with my prprpr&#$275$;, $so$ $far$ $I$'$m$ $exceedingly$ $happy$. $I$ $was$ $well$ $informed$ $as$ $to$ $the$ $potential$ $drawbacks$ $by$ $this$ $here$ $forum$, $so$ $I$ $bought$ $it$ $eyes$ $wide$ $open$ $and$ $have$ $no$ $complaints$. $I$ $wish$ $the$ $battery$ $lasted$ $longer$, $and$ $I$'$m$ $hopeful$ $mine$ $will$ $stabilize$ $out$ $in$ $a$ $few$ $days$ $like$ $others$ $have$ $experienced$.

    On to the weirdness: the first night I had the prprpr&#$275$;, $I$ $charged$ $it$ $on$ $the$ $Touchstone$ $overnight$ $with$ $no$ $issues$. $Last$ $night$, $I$ $put$ $it$ $on$ $the$ $Touchstone$ $at$ $about$ $01$:$00$ $with$ $about$ $15$% $charge$ $left$. $At$ $04$:$00$ $I$ $was$ $awakened$ $by$ $the$ $chime$ $it$ $makes$ $when$ $it$'$s$ $been$ $placed$ $on$ $the$ $Touchstone$. $I$ $looked$ $at$ $the$ $phone$ $thinking$ $it$ $might$ $be$ $a$ $message$ $notification$, $but$ $it$ $wasn$'$t$. $Charge$ $was$ $at$ $100$%. $I$ $placed$ $it$ $back$ $on$ $the$ $Touchstone$ $and$ $it$ $proceeded$ $to$ $chime$ $every$ $few$ $minutes$. $I$ $took$ $it$ $off$ $to$ $shut$ $it$ $up$ $and$ $put$ $it$ $back$ $on$ $at$ $07$:$00$ $when$ $I$ $started$ $considering$ $the$ $possiblity$ $of$ $perhaps$ $getting$ $out$ $of$ $bed$ $sometime$ $soon$.

    It continued to chime periodically and I ignored it until it guilted me into getting up and facing the day. I took it off the Touchstone and went about my business. Having made several long phone calls by noon charge was down to 90% so I put it back on the Touchstone and it chimed several times until I took it off and put it back on. It didn't chime that time, but did show a charging status on the battery indicator.

    Anyone else had similar strange behaviour with a Touchstone?

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    I have found that if I don't place the phone on the Touchstone properly, it will go on and off of charging, chiming each time it does so. Make sure your phone is on snuggly. If your phone is on vibrate, and is not set properly on the touchstone, it might move to a position like I described first. I've also found that I get a better, stronger connection with mt Touchstone if I place the phone on the charger horizontally instead of vertically.
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    Thanks, didn't know it would work horizontally. I'll give that a shot.


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