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    So, I picked up the Pre thinking I had 30 days to see if the Pre was for me and if I didn't like it I could always return it and cancel my contract.

    I got curious and actually read the fine print and it went something like this:

    If you're completely satisfied with the phone/service withing 30 days:
    - Return the device undamaged and deactivate your service
    - They will refund the activation fee and waive the early termination fee
    - A $35 restocking fee may (most likely) apply
    Ok, here comes the doozy
    - In all instances, you are responsible for all charges based on actual usage

    Well, I didn't consider that part before! So many of us probably used plenty of 3G data on our Pre's. Even if we were to use Sprint's 30-day guarantee, wouldn't we owe quite the bit of change?

    Well, now that I came to the realization of this, I'm kind of reluctant of using the hell out of my phone.

    Any thoughts/experiences? (This isn't a return/whine thread. Just wondering how Sprint's 30-day guarantee turns out if anyone decides to go with it.)
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    Well you would have to pay for the month of service

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