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    Video game systems are usually measured by their attach rate. I figured that same measure could be applied here as well. How many accessories / attachments have you purchased for your Pre? Im at 5 and counting.

    My List

    Wish List
    • Touchstone Car Charger (this would be a great Christmas gift palm!)
    • 2nd Touchstone for Work
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    -3rd party 2amp car charger for the Touchstone

    I am tempted to buy another Touchstone just for my car and another for work but I'm hoping a cheaper 3rd party version comes out soon.
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    Touchstone Charging Kit
    Palm Pre Leather Side Case
    Sprint Car Charger for Palm Phones
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    Invisible Shield
    Seidio Holster
    3 Cables
    Two AC USB chargers
    One Car USB charger
    One Car MicroUSB charger
    Jawbone 2
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    Leather Case
    Seidio Extended Battery
    Invisible Shield
    Jawbone 2 ($49 on couldn't pass it up)
    Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headphones
    Motorola Mini USB to Micro USB adapter (so I can use old chargers that I already had)

    That's it...for now!
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    So far I've got:
    Touchstone Charging Kit
    Palm Pre Leather Side Case *
    Motorola OEM MicroUSB Car Charger *

    * in the mail
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    Two TouchStone docks (incredibly over priced, but incredibly useful at home and work)
    1 Sprint Travel Charger (for my 2nd TS dock, only cause I can't seem to find cables and a charger that fit and charge the TS)
    6 micro USB cables (various lengths)
    Bodyguardz skin
    *Already owned a Jabra BT8010 handsfree and Cardo S2 bluetooth stereo headset. The Cardo works nicely - easy paring, quite good audio, and AVRCP is pretty much working as expected (although I'd like a skip-foward/back in-track option, it only seems to advance to next track in music player)

    Holding off on a 2nd battery because I want to see what additional capacities are introduced in 3rd party batteries and if someone (hellooooo Palm?) offers a new TouchStone style dock with integrated battery charger.

    Doubt I'll buy a real case, the skin protects against scratches and if I need to use the in-box pouch I can.
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    If you purchased your Palm Pre in a Sprint corporate retail store, here's what you potentially could buy for it.
    the Palm Pre Touchstone
    a 2nd travel (home) charger
    a Palm Pre OEM leather case
    the Palm Pre designated VPC/VPA
    a mono BT headset
    a stereo BT headset
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    Lets see:

    Cheap plastic belt case
    Palm Leather belt case
    Full touchstone charging kit
    Second touchstone for work
    Palm International charger for work touchstone
    ZAGG Invisible Shield
    Palm car charger

    Not all purchased at the same time as the device, though, so it doesn't really count. The only real attachment was the plastic case - that went back to the store a couple of days later.
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    Hello, Palm. Good to have you back. Let's just pretend that the whole "me leaving you for WinMo" thing never happened, OK?

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