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    Quote Originally Posted by leipsic83 View Post
    I am thinking of buying the T505. Any current owners have positive/cons on this with the Pre?
    I haven't tried this for streaming music, but I can confirm that the t505 works awesome as a speakerphone w/ the palm pre. (pretty much the only bluetooth device I own which doesn't have short range/static w/ the pre)
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    Awesome! Thanks for this thread guys and the input!!!

    I just bought mine (t505) off of they were having a 1-day special today (free shipping, $59.99) so I nabbed one before researching if it worked well with the Pre. And apparently it does.

    Also, thank god for the 'search' feature on the forums. I was getting ready to start a new thread abou the t505... lol
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    Just got my brand new car and my t505 today...

    love the car, love the pre, and love the t505

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    Found mine at Best Buy for $20 (open box & missing charger) & got the charging cable for $7 via eBay. Works great in my car, too.
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    Been using mine for about a month now. Works great. No problems. Call clarity is amazing. I use it everyday to play streaming audio from my Pre on my car stereo.

    Big ups for the T505.
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    I borrowed T505 of one of my friend. Past few days this is with me and let me tell you, this thing is amazing. Everything you hear through the headphones is played through it, and the previous/forward track buttons work with the Music player only, no Pandora or LastFM. Navigation cuts into the music when it needs to tell you something, and then the music comes right back.
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    I've had the t505 for atleast 6 months and it's been a great device for calls and music. Battery life is amazing, I only charge it like twice a month. You can use the forward button on the t505 to switch to the next track on pandora. With the t505 and the pre chillin on the touchstone charger in the car puttin in work with pandora, music player, youtube, or whatever makes the commute to wherever soooo sweet. Just one example of that would be when my friends and I were driving to west palm beach to go see Bobby Lee at the improv and he asked me if I heard a particular song. I said no, and gave him my phone to open up youtube and find the song and play it. Found the song, put it back on the touchstone landscape mode and rode out while it was blasting thru the car speakers. My friend was impressed and guess what he has a pre too lol.
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    I have had mine about 3 months, works great, I think its the best one out, pandora works great, I had two hand full of cd's now all on my phone and puter as backup, I can play my music from my phone in the car or home stero, its real cool!
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    o yea let me add, it can remember the fm station, u dont have to change everytime, once u find the one u like press the button on the back and on the front at same time it will lock in the station. cool!
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