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    Here's the direct link to the list of the bags I've not quite decided for sure which look I want to go with but would like to know if anyone else has bought one and your thoughts on it and such. One specific one I looked at described it as

    "This fun case includes extra pockets inside and on the side of the case to carry ear buds, cash, or a small Bluetooth headset and the large Velcro flap closure will ensure your phone will stay safe and secure. "

    I think the sound of the pockets it has perhaps they can be used to store stuff like CC cards etc instead of ear bud and BT headset. Do they all have the pockets and the only difference is the looks of each? How snug is the pre inside? and how does the size of the case compare to the side cases? I got the one that the sprint stores were pushing. Reiko branded but it looks very similar to the prima, body glove and SPE side cases on the precentral store.
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    kinda curious too..anyone have one?
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    I bought one from Bestbuy and in my opinion, they are wayyyy too big for the Pre. While you can carry a lot of stuff in them, such as cash and credit cards, the Pre will fit very loosely. However I was only looking for a case that could hold a spare battery in the event I am away from a charger. I ended up settling on the Lowepro D-pods 10. This is the smallest camera bag I could find that has a pocket for a spare battery.
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    thanks for the info, I was interested in one of the pouches..I want something like that for when I am at outdoor functions events etc.
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    I went ahead and took a chance on ordering one.
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    Hope you enjoy it. I have one of the Golla bags for my digital point and shoot camera and I like it because I can put my credit card, id, some cash and a couple of extra memory cards in it and have basic protection for the camera. I would think it would be much too big for my pre though, given that it's designed for basic point and shoot cameras (which, while they're getting smaller, are still generally larger than the pre).
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    I figured it would be bigger than the pre since the pockets are big enough to put credit cards in. I actually want a bit of room I don't like the stock sleeve because it is so tight the pre doesn't even stay in it and not fond of the case I had from the sprint store. For the bulk it added I'd much rather have a case that is functional as more than just a case for the pre. That is one thing I liked about the krussel case I have for my palm T5. I used it so little that I got out of the habbit of carrying it but the case economized the bulk of the case to hold credit cards/SD cards etc.
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    Yes I just wanted something that would simply serve as soft lining for when the Pre is in my pockets and also allows for easy access. The included pouch is great as far as protection goes but it does not allow for easy access. I therefore purchased the Golla Joy Pouch for 5 bucks including shipping from Ebay. We'll see how well it serves my purposes.
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    I have an Olympus leather camera case that is perfect for the Pre. Good fit and room for a few other items. Nice and soft and easy to use.

    I bought a Nite Ize Cargo Clip case for use on the motorcycle or car. The Nite Ize seems to offer plenty of protection for the pre and I can just toss the thing in one of the bags or on the seat and not worry about the Pre getting damaged.

    I have to say that I have never had a belt clip type case that I really liked for anything.
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    I think i'm going to rock a Vaja. Pricey though.

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