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    Hmmmm Thats what I call a deal j/k. If someone is willing to pay that much for that charger I will put mine up for sell.
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    he is making it seem like you get the pre and the touchstone. i think he needs to change that description. why would he put 3 megapixels...
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    Looks like most of the bids are made by new eBay accounts with 0 feedback. Possibly using alternate accounts in an attempt to drive up the price?
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    That's rediculous. I saw a couple of touchstone's at Best Buy yesterday... maybe I should have bought them.
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    Some really dumb people out there....
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    HA looks like some one bought it.
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    That's all i gotta say about that.
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    It's obvious shill bidding. There's 3 accounts with no prior bid history bidding on the item and jacking up the price. I hope the poor sod who "won" this bargain realizes he's being taken to the cleaners before it's too late. I've reported the auction to ebay, because I can't stand scammers like this.
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    got a feeling that they thought the phone was included?
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    pretty sure he thought the phone was included lol

    also im pretty sure he will get his money back if he pays for it.
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    Unfortunately I think this is one of those situations where the people didn't read the description and then will cry fowl when it shows up as described (without the phone).

    Unless of course they're just insane.
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    Looks like he relisted and changed the description and pictures...

    unfortunately I don't have enough posts to post a link so see item 330338729684
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    Yeah, this is a rip off to be sure. I got mine on the bay just the other day for $220.

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