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    I bought this for $30 at earlier this week. It's now back up to $60. I received it yesterday and have been testing it. The unit comes with a earphones that has a call answer button and mic, a pendant that which is the actual bluetooth device. The pendant has audio controls for play, pause, forward/ back track, and volume. It also has a mini USB port, a mini usb charger, and misc. accessories. It also has three sizes of earbuds.

    The earphones plug into the pendant. The pendant resembles a small MP3 player and has a shirt clip. To pair it with the phone, I had to press the play and power buttons on the pendant. The pairing went through without any hitches. I've gotten about eight hours of usage out of this unit playing music and making calls. It has decent clarity. The people on the other end weren't aware I was using a headset. It helps that you're listening to calls in stereo. The call answer button on the earphone cord works as intended. The volume for the phone calls was fine. The volume for audio is "acceptable." I had the volume up on the pendant and the Pre. I would have liked it to be louder. The transport controls were responsive in the Pre's music app and Pandora.

    Overall, I like it. If I had to list a negative, it would be the asymmetrical length of the earphone cord. The right side is longer than the left side, so you can wrap it behind your neck.
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    Thanks for the review. I did consider these, but I don't really see the point. Why not buy a tiny MP3 player instead? The battery lasts longer and there are no connection issues. Unless you want it for Pandora and lots of phone calls, I suppose...

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