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    My shiny new touchstone had super stick powers when it arrived. However, after transporting to work a few times, and especially after being accidentally set on paper that then adhered like nuts to the surface and had to be painstakingly fingernailed off, I am wondering - is there an approved way to wash gunk off the adhesive "gecko" bottom of the touchstone and restore some of that adhesive magic?

    PSA don't put your touchstone on anything resembling paper.
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    From what I have heard if you wash it very carefully with soap and water using a small rag it should work again.
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    I really thought that I would be able to use my Touchstone in multiple locations, but after seeing that adhesive pad, I just ordered a second one for work. Better than fumbling to hook mine up every time anyway.
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    I cleaned mine with the damp corner of a paper towel and a tiny bit of liquid dish washing detergent. Cleaned the base right up and now it sticks like glue. I wouldn't be afraid of moving it a lot since cleaning it restores the stickiness like new.
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    I use an eyeglass cleaner kit (70% isopropyl alcohol and a lint free microfiber cloth) on my Palm Touchstone with excellent results.
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    Is it me or did the touchstone package have nothing on or in it in regards to cleaning it?

    You think for something you spend 70 bucks for (because they can get us to pay that lol)
    that it would have some sorta cleaning instructions or whatever
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    Soap and worked worked great and thanks for the suggestion. Sorli...
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    It's not exactly gecko magic - gecko feet have ridges, the touchstone has tubes. Although the fundamental physical principle is the same.

    That said, the most elegant, simple and quick solution is to take some duct tape / scotch tape and stick it on your touchstone bottom. Tear it off and look at all the gunk that's now on the tape, and out of your stone's nanotubes. Do it twice, and it's going to be almost like new.

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